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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by dimasin, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Guys, how in the world do I import my coupons/flights/gift cards into the passbook app in ios6 on iPhone 4S?
    No matter what i do, i cant import any of my upcoming flight confrimations/tickets, coupons, gift cards, etc into passbook?
    how the **** do i do it?!
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    You don't. The app developers have to build in functionality to their apps for the passes to appear in Passbook.
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    so as you buy the passes on living social, or group on, or apple store (gift card), they will be automatically imported into passbooks?
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    Passbook is currently worthless until developers update their apps to use it. Once those apps are updated, they'll just show up in Passbook.
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    yeah that kinda sucks. would be cool to be able to import gift cards and tickets you already have on hand
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    are there any apps which currently work with it at all?
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    No. It was only announced yesterday.

    This is why developers have a few months of beta versions before the general public get their hands on the OS: to make their apps work with the new features :)
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    Why in the world wouldn't apple allow us to import our own gift card/tickets/etc????
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    Do you have the Starbucks app installed? I was told the integration is already in place...
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    Because it's not a repository of scanned images. The passes are live updating, showing things like your latest gift card balance, or the current estimated arrival time of your train.

    If you just want to save an image, you can get the same functionality by it to your photo library!
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    Yeah was just hoping the devs that had early access (e.g. starbucks) might have released an update today

    actually, i might make one myself if it's easy enough!
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    I doubt they could release anything yet. If it's anything like the iOS 5 release, you weren't allowed to submit an app using the new features to the app store until a week or two before the public release of the OS.
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    I don't think Starbucks is already integrated. Just downloaded starbucks, got myself a card, but it's not in passbook as of yet
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    I'll make a custom one and upload the pics, when xcode downloads... 1.5gb!
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    "It kinda sucks"? That 'kinda' annoys me.
    Apple released this app less than 24 hours ago. No one knew anything about it!
    So how on earth can developers already have access with Passbook in their apps?

    What kinda annoys me is that you're expecting beta1 to work system wide.
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    I was hoping the app was a little like Cardstar where you can have the camera take a pic of your keychain card (like Giant Eagle rewards card) and have it available when you pull up to a GetGo on your phone's lock screen.
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    I guess Passbook isn't available on the iPad? I mean, not that I would actually need it... but was hoping to check it out as I am hesitant to update my iPhone as I enjoy all the jailbreak hacks on it...
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    I was looking through the programming guide. It doesn't look to difficult to implement. I'm working on creating one right now.
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    Where could I get my hands on that guide? I am super interested in coding something along those lines lol
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    Are you a paid iOS developer?
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    What does passbook look like when you open the application.
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    Unfortunately as of now no.. but I am trying to get there haha
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    Sorry then the link I provided won't work for you. You need to be a developer to access it.

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