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need help with running log program

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by twoodcc, Mar 13, 2008.

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    so i'm trying to make a running log core data application. is there a way to take all the values in one column and sum them in another column or somewhere?

    also, can i take the miles that they've run and divide by the time? even if the time is a string data type?

    or should i not be making a core-data app?

    thanks in advance
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    i take it not many people make a core-data app anymore. what would you recommend for a mac running log?
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    I am actually in the process of writing one for people that use various heart-rate monitors, gps watches and other speed and distance tracking devices (like Nike+iPod). I have nothing to show yet, but you might find one of the following apps suite your needs:

    Mac native:

    * http://www.trailrunnerx.com/
    * http://www.downtownsoftwarehouse.com/software/RunnersLog/
    * http://www.montebellosoftware.com/
    * http://www.brokenropesoftware.com/


    * http://www.prescottbalch.org/
    * http://pytrainer.e-oss.net/
    * http://www.weightmania.com/lprunning.htm
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    thanks for the links. i actually wanted to try and make something of my own as well, just to learn from the experience (trying to learn cocoa and all). maybe you could just help me get started?

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