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Need help with VLC app

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Tom G., Sep 28, 2010.

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    Tom G.

    I put VLC on my iPad to try it out. I followed the iPad on screen instructions to transfer videos from my iMac, but none have been transferred. Is there a step missing?

    I should have transferred 4 videos with a total of about 20 MB between them, but even on the scale on the iTunes screen on my iMac it shows that nothing has been transferred. I tried syncing the iPad after putting the chosen videos into the VLC list but that didn't work either.

    Could it be that the videos are in another app? I have looked in videos, gallery, and any other that I can think of, but have had no luck.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    VLC is so awesome on my iMac and can't wait to use it when I get an iPad. If it can play all those .mkv, XviD files and subtitles, too, then it is a total win
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    Tom G. If you read the reviews on App Store, you will see that quite a few people had the same problem, myself included. I can only assume that the files are not compatible. I made sure that I see the files are transferred throguh iTunes, but they did not show up in the VLC app. I was using rmvb files.
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    any more info on this one?
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    Yup, and you won't like the answer :)

    It just ain't ready for prime time.


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