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Need Help Writing A Java Program

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by RoqueCub, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm taking a class learning Java. The previous class I was in we learned the basics of Python. I was able to use textwrangler without any problems. It seems that I cannot use textwranger the same way. I've done some browsing on the subject and nothing seems to be very, idiot friendly on how I can do this. Writing and saving a java program in the correct location seems to be an issues.

    I installed the xcode developer tools a while ago just to see what it was.
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    TextWrangler should be able to work for you.

    How have been trying to compile and run your Java program? What hasn't been working? If you get an error message, what is the error message (exactly, don't paraphrase)?

    Two commonly used Java IDEs are Eclipse and NetBeans are your looking for a full IDE. In my experience, XCode's Java support is not very good.

    Can you elaborate on this?
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    I can type stuff in TestWrangler. When I would want to test it, I could just use the run command and I could see my program run.

    If I do the same thing now with java, it gives me an error.

    I've tried typing the code from my book and code from the oracle website and it doesn't work.

    I don't know what "IDEs" are. They use Scite in class to write stuff. I just need help on getting set up to write code and test it some how, some where, some way.
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    I just installed this netbeans program. It took a little poking around, I think this will work. I've been able to type in programs and get them running like my book has them displayed.

    This mystery is solved and this thread is now dead. Thanks for your help!
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    I taught a "Learning Java" class at a local community college and I used to write up most of my programs in TextWrangler and compile/run them from the command line to show the students you don't need a fancy IDE to program. I would recommend you learn to compile/run from the command line prior to jumping into an IDE but your call.
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    son of olaf

    I recently took an introductory Java class. I did all my writing with TextWrangler and did all my compiling on the command line- it worked very well.
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    When you're ready for an IDE, though, try Eclipse. You'll never want to hand-code again.

    If it weren't for Eclipse, I NEVER would have been able to get my Java homework done in time...automatically warns you if you need to do an import, pops up all the methods available, etc...I'm sure other IDEs do that, but still...
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    Eclipse or Netbeans are the way to go, and they are FREE.

    If you want something clean check out CodeRunner, but that will cost you some little money.

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