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iPhone Need longer call log, catagories in contacts

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by BigB82, May 3, 2013.

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    The two things I need and miss most compared to every other smartphone OS and some non smartphone are to have a huge call log ie: PALM. If they can do it back than these phones have WAY more memory, I get tons of calls and by mid day my call log is full and cant even go back a day or two for calls. I would love for it to be like a year worth if not more.

    I also need categories in the contacts field that can be created and edited right on the native phone app not some third party app or anything.

    I wonder who I can email at apple to make this happen
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    What do u mean call log? The iPhone shows all calls (dialled, missed or received) just fine. Tapping on one gives more info. If you don't delete any of these, they stay on the phone...so I don't know what you mean. Groups can be carried over from contacts on your mac or PC, or you can create groups at icloud.com
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    It's limited to I believe the last 100 calls.

    I have a Nexus 4 that shows the history going all the way back to when I bought the phone in February.
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    Correct a longer history, I get lots of calls, usually within a a few hours everything is gone...
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    i would agree with this. the call logs should stretch out to at least the last 100.
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    Isn't this information available on your cell bill or your carrier's web site?
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    What *I* want is the ability to change a contacts group ON THE PHONE.
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    I would like some indication of what groups a contact is listed in on the contact card.

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