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Need new earphones for my iPod touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by winston1995, Nov 11, 2009.

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    As the title says, I want to buy new earphones for my iPod touch. However, I want to have the in-line remote and mic on the new ones, and I couldn't find any with this feature.

    I am using Apple's earphones with remote and mic and have gotten used to the remote, but I hate the actual earphones themselves.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS. My budget is about $100
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    If you can stretch that budget a bit, these are pretty much the best earphones with remote and mic that you can get:

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately, I live in Australia, and the cheapest these go around here is $250.

    I'm thinking I might just give in and buy Apple's in-ear headphones, unless someone can pull something out of the hat.

    Thanks anyway.:)
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    Klipsch S4 seem to be the going recommendation.
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    Need new earphones for my iPod touch

    I've had the Klipsch s4i for about 2 months. I tried bose and 3 others and these in-ear phones do a great job in audio clarity and further, I'm told that the microphone is great with many listeners not realizing that I'm talking on my phone. controls are built in.
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    I assume you mean the S4i's

    Not a huge fan, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanks! I think I might get these. My one problem with these are the fact that the controls are down at the yoke. Is it difficult to use the controls when they're under your shirt?

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, keep it coming.:)
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    They are also some of the worst things I have stuck in my ear.
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    Buy this: Griffin SmartTalk Headphone Adapter with Control and Mic for iPhone 1G, for about $15 US and use any headphones you want.

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    Griffin SmartTalk has no volume control. I've been looking for an adapter like that that has all three functions -- Mike, Volume Control, and Playback Control, and so far, I haven't been able to find any. I've found ones that have Mike + Playback Control, and ones that have Volume and Playback Control, but not all three. :(
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    I have seriously thought about these, but the lack of mic turned me off them. Also, I don't think I'd be able to adjust to the positioning of the controls, due to having been using apple's earphones where the controls are on the right earbud line. (I don't think that made any sense, sorry!)

    I don't think these are available in Australia, and they look a bit cheap to me (yea, I know they are cheap, but anyway...)

    Has anyone had any experience with Apple's In-Ear Headphones? I think I might just get those.

    Another solution I was thinking of was to get the Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170vi. Does anyone know if the clicker works with the iPod touch. With these, I might just have to concede to using the volume controls on the iPod itself.

    Once again, thanks everyone for the help.

    EDIT: This question is aimed at people who have the Klipsch S4i's. Is the remote hard to use when it's under your shirt? I ride my bike to school, and i have them going under my uniform so that it doesn't get yanked out by the handlebars or something stupid like that. Thanks
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    If you abandon the need for controls, I would highly recommend you look into purchasing the Shure e3.
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    I had these (not the mic version) and they are FANTASTIC. Much, much better than the Bose in terms of SQ.

    Highly recommended from personal experience.
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    I have never heard them. The Klipsch earphones I did hear (Image) were not impressive given the competition, but then again Shure e2's aren't my favorite things either. The Klipsch definitely seem to get good reviews from people on here - for whatever that is worth.

    Remember, sound is all subjective, as long as you are happy it doesn't matter if you got your earbuds at Wal-Mart or you have six-drivers in each ear that are custom-molded. However, paying for something like Bose, when there are competitors that produce better sound at a cheaper price makes no sense.
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    I also have the e2's and found the klipsch to be much better, if a little bassy.
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    The E2s aren't awful, but Shure tries to replicate the sound as neutral as possible, and that usually means a lot less bass then people want.
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    OK, I went to the shops and came back with Apple's In-Ear Headphones. They're heaps better than the (not in-ear) earphones with remote and mic, but I suppose they'd better be;).

    Thanks to everyone who replied with suggestions.:):):)
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    I have these headphones.

    They sound wayyyy better than the IEM's that Apple sells.

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