Need some help with why colour is coming out differently when saving as .jpeg?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by bluetooth, Oct 9, 2010.

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    Hey all, I am working on this poster for an upcoming hockey game (not finished just in the initial stages, still some tweaking and playing around, paths and layout are all rough and will be cleaned up, I know the date is also wrong et.) and for some reason I am having issues with colour when saving for the web (which is where it will be placed) or even when saving as a straight jpeg.

    I took a screenshot to how it appears in PS, everything looking close to what I am after (as I said maybe some tweaking with colour et.) but when I open the saved .jpeg I have this blue sort of tinge/glow/wash, especially to the text?

    I can't figure it out...I am working in RGB, 8/Bits Channel as I always do for web and have never run into such a colour variation such as this one. I know colours will usually vary but it is in my experience that it is ever so slightly not like what I am seeing here. If anyone can lend some advice as to what the problem may be and/or why it is happening, please let me know!

    It's late here so maybe I am just having some obvious brain cramp...:p Thanks a lot.

    EDIT: removed images.
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    To be honest, I really don't see any difference at all (or only quite minimal). Here is some color measurement:


    What about this option? Do you have "convert to sRGB" turned on or off?

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    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured out the problem...I was forgetting to click the "Embed Color Profile sRGB1e661966-2.1" When saving as a .jpeg. :rolleyes: Yeah, like it said, it's late here (lol).

    Anyways, I will repost in the next couple of days for some general feedback as there is also an effect I want to add in PS but can't seem to figure it out...
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    Hey, thanks for the response, I likely figured it out just as you were also posting.

    Do you really not see much difference? Don't you find the one on the far right to have more of a blueish/greenish glow/hue to it (mainly evident in the text) than the one on the left which is more of a truer blue...which is what I am after...maybe it's just me or my screen...;) Like I said, it's late but I seemed to have the issue worked out so it is saving as a .jpeg as I see it on screen, once I embed the RGB et. while saving. Thanks for the info though anyways.
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    Yes, now i see the difference. The right image has more red in it (if i can say so) ... Especially if you look at the skins color.
    Also, the background is greener, than in the left image.

    But in you first post, these two images had almost no difference in colors.
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    Designer Dale

    I looked at them using DigitalColor Meter. Here are the results. The first pair are from screen left and the other pair are from screen right.


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    Thanks there Dale, I think opeter is right in that there is more red in screen right. Nonetheless I have it sorted now for the output to appear like screen left.

    Now back to designing it...:cool:
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    Lets go Pens!

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