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Need to find Ram for Plus

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by mkaake, Aug 11, 2004.

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    I just recently picked up two plus's (one for free, the other 10 bucks) at garage sales, but am having a little trouble finding ram for them - one is at 2.5 mb of ram, and the other one's video is dead. So right now, i'm focusing on the one that works ;)... anyhew, since it's already got 2.5, I'm trying to find 2 1mb sticks that will work in a plus.

    Where do you recommend looking?

    On ebay, about the only thing I found was an auction for a lot of like 30 sticks that may or may not work in the plus...
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    Well they are 30pin SIMM's and you can have 4 1mb ram sticks in them, there not that much money for used or even new. I know a few places that still have new ones for 34.99 per or I have some 1mb's for a few bucks, let me know if I can help you with them.
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    Forced Perfect

    Are you kidding? 1MB 30-pin SIMMs are everywhere on eBay, mostly in large lots simply bacause no one can sell them anywhere else.

    Mkaake, I'll sell you 1MB SIMMs for like, $12 shipped (Canada/US.) I'll give you 8-12 of them. Just so you don't run out. hehe Message me if you're interested.
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    Yes, theres tons of lots but few take time to test them (becuese there old). I can't buy any more ram sorry.

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