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Need to Keep Reinstalling Flash Player

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Siron, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Every month or so Flash Player does not work and I have to download and reinstall it. This morning I went to the USA Today site to print the daily crossword (as I do every morning) and it would not load. I downloaded and reinstalled Flash Player and it was fine.
    I'm running Lion by the way. Why does this happen every now and then?
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    Are you downloading from a link on the site you're visiting? Or are you going to Adobe's site and downloading from there? You should never install Flash or any other software simply because you're prompted to do so by a website you're visiting, as some of these are bogus and could negatively affect your Mac.
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    I just don't like flash. If I can do without it I will. I have clicktoflash plugin in my Safari and if it says "Flash" I am not clicking it. It is a resource hog and a security hole.

    Steve jobs is correct.
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    I download the player from Adobe website. I need to know why it sometimes needs reinstalling.
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    I've seen some sites erroneously indicate that I don't have the most current Flash version when I do. It's obviously more a problem with their site than with your Mac. I've found on some occasions that switching to a different User Agent resolves the problem, but only with some sites.
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    Let me reiterate as I don't think you understand what I'm asking. I don't get a message from a site saying I need to download Flash. I go to USA Today crossword puzzle which uses Flash and it doesn't load the puzzle. I then go to Adobes site, download Flash, install it and then the crossword loads. Same thing when I tried to watch a movie on YouTube -- did not play. I then went to Adobes site, downloaded Flash, installed it and then the movie played.
    Why does Safari "lose" Flash every now and then and I have to reload it?
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    That's really strange. You might try uninstalling Flash completely, then reinstall it.
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    The only reference to Flash in Applications was Adobe Flash Player Manager. I deleted it but Flash is still active. How do I delete Flash?
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    Go here http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/909/cpsid_90906.html#main_uninstall for instructions. Downoad and run the uninstaller, and restart Safari.

    Not sure it will fix for problem, but it is worth a shot

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