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Need to learn C++, good online resources/books?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ravenvii, Aug 4, 2013.

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    I have a programming background. Not proficient, but have a working knowledge of C, Java (and hence OOP) and Python (in order from working to semi-working knowledge :)).

    I need to learn C++ for a project. What are good books or online resources to get me going?

    I'm a project-based learner (I can't learn **** from just reading a book, but a book (or online resource) that explains stuff, then have a series of exercises/mini-projects, is golden). So I'm hoping you guys can recommend a book or online resource like that for C++.
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    Get C++ Primer, it's a good book that should get you started.
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    "C++ programming for the absolute beginner"

    Brilliant book, lots of example codes to work through and online resources accompanying it. Readily available on Amazon.
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    I have found Lynda.com to be a good resource. It has step by step videos and training files so that you can follow along to the videos. I found it useful because I learn more by actually doing something myself.

    The only catch is that it isn't free.
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    I prefer Problem Solving with C++ by Walter Savitch. Just used it for an intro C++ class, and I actually enjoyed reading it and doing the exercises from it. It's easy to read and really helped me develop a basic understanding of C++.
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    Koenig and Moo

    My recommendation is Koenig and Moo's Accelerated C++. Published in 2000, it's a bit dated but treats C++ like its own language and not like C with classes. It doesn't get into all the nitty gritty details but you don't need those when you're starting out in my opinion. Rating very well on amazon:
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    learncpp.com should be a good reference.
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    Not for absolute C++ beginners, but this book will help you write C++ WELL:
    Effective C++, 3rd Edition, by Scott Myers​

    After you've been writing C++ daily for a couple of months, you'll be ready to appreciate this book.
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