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    Hey, so I’m not really much of a server admin, but at work I have several NetBoot images set up, and I would like to set one as the default. In other words, if I start up a computer with the N key held down, I want it to boot from my one particular image (10.5.6 install disk) instead of another (an Apple diagnostic disk). However, I can’t seem to figure out how. I tried checking the “Default” checkbox on the 10.5.6 image, and unchecking it from the other, but it still defaults to the wrong image every time I try to boot a Mac over the network. Usually, if I hold Option at startup I can just pick, so it’s not often a problem, but today I had a computer that wouldn’t recognize the NetBoot images that way, so I had to temporarily disable the diagnostic image just to get the machine to boot. I’d rather switch it around the other way, as I can tell it to restart to the diagnostic disk if I can get the machine started from the install disk.

    Any help would be great!

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    Have you tried restarting the NetBoot service?

    That will often clear up any issues, such as starting to the wrong image.
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    Hmm, I’ll give that a try.

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    You may have to reset PRAM on the NetBoot client as well, as it may be holding onto the previous NetBoot set as the startup disk.
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    So either delete /var/db/bsdp_clients, modify /var/db/bsdp_clients so that the machines you want point to that image by default, or do Option+N if they are Intel Macs.
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    Les Kern

    un-click "enable"? Default means just default, and does not stop another from being used. Of course it COULD be the nib file... if not set for the architecture, it won't boot. You'll know soon enough.

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