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Netflix for iOS Updated with UI Changes, Zoom Icon

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Netflix today updated its mobile app to version 3.0, adding several user interface improvements. Titles of TV shows and movies are now easily visible when the screen is tapped, and the playback buttons have been moved to a different position.

    Most notably, the previously removed zoom icon was re-added to the display, allowing for better access to full screen controls.

    Old version on the left, new version on the right.
    The universal Netflix app is available for download from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Netflix for iOS Updated with UI Changes, Zoom Icon
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    Thank god. The swipe to zoom was driving me bonkers.
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    Yep, just updated it. Granted, I don't use Netflix on my iPhone much.
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    Well, I like the 10 second back button, but I had hoped that they would add 10 second forward button. I also like the variable way that apps like AirVideo handle zoom, such that it's not all or nothing, but rather a slider that scales from full screen to full letterbox. Sometimes on really wide movies it's nice to be able to reduce the size of the letterbox black bars a little bit...
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    Netflix lost me at "no more account hold feature."
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    Did the American flag just sneak up on the guy in the right image?
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    Have they added 1080p support to the iPad app like they promised? Haven't seen it in update notes yet after they said it was coming a little under a year ago.
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    He's actually referencing a serious problem Bush had in office. He would forget that the flag was there, causing great distress and alarm every 20-30 minutes as he noticed it out of the corner of his eye.
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    Good changes, but the "puffy" scrub bar and button now look a bit out of place with the flatter interface design.

    Also, I'd like to see the "back" button jump time be user-definable, maybe 10, 15, or 30 seconds.
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    Yeah those puffy UI holders are lameeeee
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    What's that?
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    Would it kill them to fix AirPlay? Not everyone watches NetFlix via their home network...

    No, AppleTV via throttled hotel internet is not an option...
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    I wish they would bring back their DVD search feature. It used to be great to search for a title and if it were not on instant, easily add it to your DVD que if that is the only way it was available from them...
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    I wish the same updates Netflix does for the iOS could be also done for Sony Blu Ray player BDP-S780 which has the old UI, does not play in 5.1 surround just LPCM 2.0 and no caption option either.:mad:
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    Yay, this is exactly what I would have liked from day one, it took me ages to realize I could make Netflix movies full screen on my iPad :S
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    Still no HD streaming for Retina iPad, I see. *sigh*
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    Really? I'm still rockin' iPad 2 - I can't believe they still don't have HD :0
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    Can the Netflix app Airplay to an AppleTV? I know Netflix is already on the AppleTV, but using the remote or Remote App are a little awkward in comparison to using the Remote app with Home Sharing.
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    Netflix for iOS Updated with UI Changes, Zoom Icon

    Yes it can you mirror it to the apple Tv. when you play a program from the netflix app it plays on the apple tv but can't watch both at the same time.

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    Netflix sucks big time it has old movies and they don't even have the lion king for my kids to Watch. I had Netflix for free with the promotion that they offer I called back the third day and cancell that mess. (Netflix Sucks)
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    So is it safe to upgrade to? Anything get worse in this update?

    Movie selection is just OK but there's a huge amount of great TV content, which is the main reason we have it.
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    Thanks. If it's mirroring, it's only 4:3 and low resolution, isn't it?
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    ill be happier when they get a better streaming selection! :confused::mad:
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    Not if you have an iPhone 5


    Please don't complain US has waaaaaaaaaaaay better content choice compared to UK.
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    Yes it can.


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