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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by radhak, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Looking for help in the ‘windows 2000 – XP’ folder-sharing area, because the Mac portion of my ‘network’ works just fine (no surprise there! ;) ). I would be happy if somebody can point me to a nice forum like this for the Wintel plaform. Whatever I found on the net seems to be the ‘expert network’ kind (where you collect and pay in some points :rolleyes: ).

    Still, for the curious, here is the problem :

    I added my new wintel desktop to my existing Netgear router network and have problems sharing with my wintel laptop.
    Laptop : windows 2000. Desktop : XP Pro. (iMac : Panther).

    I attached the desktop to the router directly with a cable; the laptop and the iMac connect wirelessly. All three access the internet without issue. I have enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the wintel machines. I shared a folder on both to be visible/accessible to the others (rights to ‘everyone’). I am able to ‘see’ every machine on each of the others. I am even able to access the iMac from both the wintels!

    BUT, I am unable to see the laptop’s shared folder itself from the desktop, or the desktop’s shared folder from the laptop. I am able to ping the machine, see it (the machine) in network neighbourhood, but not the shared folder. When I try to manually map it (\\laptop\shared), it says ‘unable to access’.
    I changed the ZoneAlarm settings to include all the machines in the ‘trusted zone’, then even disabled ZoneAlarm totally. I even disabled Norton AutoProtect. No good.

    Needless to say, I have rebooted ad infinitum, fiddled with the sharing attributes, kneeled in front of it and prayed sincerely, but to no avail :( what am I missing? Or maybe more to the point, what particular quirk of XP/2000 do I need to know to get this running?
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    Are both machines in the same workgroup? If not, try that.
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    sorry, forgot to mention that: single workgroup name for all machines. like i said, i am able to browse and see the machines, just not the shared folder.
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    Are both machines configured with usernames AND passwords? I believe they need to be to share files.
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    #5 the users don't have passwords. i did see edesignuk's sticky about networking with Macs and the emphasis on passwords, but when i saw that these are able to talk to the iMac with no password, i thought that maybe it would work between the XP / 2000 too.

    i can check that out this evening. thanks. anything else to try out?
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    Not really, Im pretty sure the password thingy should fix it for you. M$ takes security pretty seriously (minus the usual exploits) and requires in XP/2000 that there must be usernames/passwords in order to view files.
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    i don't have a definitive answer, but it may something to do w/ what are possibly different sets of IP addresses for the machines. is the router handing out IPs like for the wired, and for the wireless?

    and for everyone else -- i too would like to find a forum such as this for PCs.
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    Maybe we should start one ;) but guess where goes?!
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    i tried registering, but someone already has my screenname. damn!
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    the ip addresses are in sync : for the new machine (right behind the ones for the earlier ones).
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    I forgot to close this, as an FYI:
    found out the problem was that the Netgear router had re-arranged the ip addresses: the new machine was given the ip address while the older thinkpad’s ip address was changed to; since I had always been seeing the list of ip address for all 3 machines as per expectation, I never checked individual addresses and was trying to access all wrong folders under wrong machines….:( but finally figured it out :rolleyes:

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