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Netscape.com Poll: Mac or PC? (GO VOTE NOW!!)

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Kid Red, Jan 15, 2002.

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    ummm i see no pole
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    i mean POLL ..sorry
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    you have to wait for the page to load, then scroll down just a little bit. The poll is in a minor window about the middle of the page (left to right).
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    okie dookie
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    it's there.....in the middle.....
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    is there a way to vote numerous times?

    maybe by deleting the cookies for that link?
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    Just make sure you vote! Nice to see 83,000 mac users chiming in :)
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    No pole....?

    Hey der dik,
    Here I am:)

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    we aint losing by much........:D
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    Hmmm, works fine with IE5 but no voting buttons appear in 'ole Netscape. Still, we're not far behind.
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    If I vote...

    for my mom and dad who are mac users... is that cheating?
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    lol are you serious? the 'NETSCAPE' site wont let you vote if your using netscape? i have communicator 4.7 and it says the poll is there, but there is no link. how can I vote and or see the results?:confused::eek: :rolleyes: :p :mad:
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    VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go in there, vote, delete cookies, vote again. if there's no difference, go to metacrawler or google or something, type in the city where u live+public proxies. use the server details in sys prefs->network->proxies.

    Sure, this is sinking to microsoft's level (well, maybe not that low) but hey, if pcusers see that poll+ads for new iMac etc. they'll probably consider getting a mac. most pc users use pcs because they haven't heard of any alternative and it's just "easier" to go buy a PC instead of getting a mac cos they're "not used to that" although it's as simple as hell to use a mac - even the presedential pretzel-shrub can use one (apple.com/myths)
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    *Netscape polls reflect the views of those who choose
    to respond and are not scientifically valid surveys.
    While you may repeatedly access the poll results page,
    only one vote per user is counted.*

    my question is how does it figure the "one vote per user" thing?

    is it ip address? or cookies?
    cant be cookies because i wiped out all my cookies and still it doesnt change. maybe i should ask a pc user..since thery are good at cheating..huh!
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    great link, i still cant find the poll:mad: :mad: :confused:

    found it, wow im a dumbass
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    elfin buddy


    check the results for that last poll mentioned! hahahahahahaha!
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    Oh, that's what I was doing wrong.

    But seriously, I would have expected a 95/5 split rather than the current 54/46 breakdown. Wonder if this is a function of Mac users being more a community and thus responding to votes a la this forum, or if most PC users really do PREFER Macs.
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    Either way... even if we lose, its an eye opener for Peecee users... we're not just 1 per 1000...

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