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Networking help....

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Ilene, Dec 20, 2004.

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    We currently have a G5 Imac and PC and would like to network them...can anyone help with step by step instructions or tell me where i can find instructions...will I be able to go from PC to Mac and Mac to PC? Thanks...
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    Still hoping to have someone help with networking a PC and Mac...thanks
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    Sorry, intially your post came up with nothing. I have networked pc and macs together. Make sure you give your pc an ip address and allow macs to share with pcs from system preferences.

    Have you go any specific questions.
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    So... in my response to your earlier question I had posted a link to the Networking Windows and OS X Thread.

    Did this not answer your question? If not, what specifics do you need?
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    Actually, I'd posted it yesterday to her other thread. But to craigdawg's defense, I f'd up the link above somehow, so if she followed it she'd have gone nowhere. It's fixed now.
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    I MIGHT let him off then :p
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    See, that nasty "holiday spirit" crap is finally subsiding. Whew! :D
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    Thanks to everyone...now I have to set aside some time to do it...considering Im 'computer illiterate' compared to everyone here its going to take a long time to get this done..hopefully I wont mess both computers up so bad that they wont work! Thanks again!

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