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Networking issue.

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by CrackedButter, Nov 4, 2003.

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    I have a 2 machine network.

    Everything is attached to the router on an ip of as standard when setting it up.

    My windows machine is and the mac here is Now i can go on the net with both machines no problem and i can ping both machines with no problems but i cannot seem to actually mount a share from the windows computer.

    I'm running Panther and i am at my wits end trying to figure this out. Now it worked before when i did an upgrade from Jag but i preferred a format and reinstall.

    When i go to the finder and select "go to server", i type in the windows address or router and just get a "no response from server" error message. But i can ping them both and scan their ports?

    Anybody help me on this?
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    Re: Networking issue.

    Grasping at straws...

    1. Are you using dhcp? if not do both machines have the address of the router as the gateway?
    2. Do they have the same subnet?
    3. are you putting smb:// in front of the ip in the connect to server box?

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    Okay tell me why putting smb:// infront of the ip address lets me access the damn computer!

    I didn't have to do this in Jaguar and it doesn't mention this method in Panther!

    Arragghh! :)

    Thankyou, this is the second thread today where i have been stumped by a simple thing.
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    I have this same problem too. smb is just like http is to the web. It just specifies that you want to use the samba protocol. Who knows why they made the connect to server SUCK.

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    SUCK doesn't begin to describe the process in which i had to go through in order to find out all it took was "smb://".

    I was unplugging cables, rebooting machines, rebooting the router and setting up a direct connection between the mac and windows incase something was up with the router.

    Oh yeah, i live on the 2nd floor in my house, the router is on the 1st floor...
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    ... you would think they'd put this change in big letters somewhere... We didn't have to do that in Jag, and I was wondering why my new machine could not connect to the windows box whereas my old one (with Jag) still could. *sigh*
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    The error message simply denies you access, it would be nice if it provided a hint that some error boxes do.

    "Are you typing the address in full?" Or basically OSX could fill in the gap for you like when you type in a web address but without the "www.".

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