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New AppleTV and Streaming content

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pcorrado, Sep 17, 2010.

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    So I have an idea for my home theater set up and I was wondering if anybody here would think this is possible:

    I have been in the process of ripping my DVD collection to iTunes and was thinking of moving my entire iTunes library to a networked hard drive and then accessing from my Macs across the network, in addition I would be wanting to access that library from the new AppleTV. My reasoning for doing it as network storage is as follows: 1) I need more storage for my library so external makes sense to me, 2) I would love to free up hd space on both of my computers and share the same library ( this is know is possible with some fiddling), 3) I am hoping AppleTV would be able to stream from the library with needing iTunes open and my Mac turned on or awake.

    Number 3 is where I am hoping someone here can help. Do you think there is any way AppleTV will be able to access an iTunes library over a network on externally stored hd without a computer in the middle. It this isn't possible I will just hook up an external hd directly to one of my macs and share it but I would love to eliminate the middle man if possible.

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