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New Browser: Phoenix...

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by shadowfax0, Sep 24, 2002.

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    Thanx, I'm downloading it right now. I'll report back in 30-45 min. :)
  3. Wes
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    Re: New Browser: Phoenix...

    From the site

    "Where's the mac version?

    There is no mac version. While Phoenix could be made to run on Mac without much trouble, we see no point in competing with Chimera. Chimera is the lightweight, standalone Mozilla browser solution."
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    Got it! Finally!

    Ok I just finished downloading it and I'm a bit impressed. The iterface is Mozilla-like (complete with tabs:D) though it's a bit stripped down, without a lot of options (the advanced tab in Preferences is empty!:eek: ) but that's what this is supposed to be right?:p
    It's a little speedier than Mozilla, but I didn't notice that much difference cuz I'm on dialup.:( Other than that It's a pretty good browser especially since this is v0.1
    It has plenty of potential for the PC platform.:)

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    Dailup...... Man, oops...Woman....I fill soorry for you!!!!:D ;)
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    I'll have to consult John's women but it looks like a pretty good browser to me.
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    If you are using a PC and running Linux, Galeon is a much better browser than Pheonix, plus is is also gecko based.

    Chimera is similar to Galeon with less features. The good feature for being a stripped down browser and fast Chimera is gecko based and has the cool Aqua widgets.
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    I just want Chimera to be Ver. 1.0 or thereabouts; I want to be able to order movie tickets online with comfort, and not have it crash in the middle :( Also, just because I'm curious, I use Entourage for mail, not Mozilla mail, anyone know how to turn it off? i.e. when I click on a link to email someone, it routes me to Entourage, and not Mozilla mail...?
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    Go to www.macosxhints.com and search there. There is an edit which you need to make to a .plist file (if I remember correctly).
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    tsk tsk tsk, talking bout a pc browser on a mac forum :p...baddddd ppl :p jk, im dling it right now :S lol
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