New Cases, Faster Performance

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, May 13, 2002.

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    MacOS Rumors provides some hints towards markedly improved performance jumps by MacWorld NY, as well as new cases:

    We can't promise multi-processor 2GHz G5s, but we can promise a performance leap of more than 100% in processing speed alone over the existing PowerMac....and major leaps in almost every category on the motherboard.

    (towards the bottom of the page)
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    You do know... MOSR gets its info, don't you? They write a bunch of random rumorlike things down, put them on a dart board, then toss darts to see which they post. Still, if it's true, that'll be pretty cool.
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    We can only wonder with this one. If this is true we may be into some big upgrades at MWNY. Looks like the G4 has lots of life in it.
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    Re: You do know...

    I don't judge 'em... I just link 'em.... :)

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    Re: New Cases, Faster Performance

    More than 100% over the current processing speed would give us 2GHz+ G4s and add to that bus/memory/mobo increases we might even have a CPU that could go head to head with the best of the Intel/AMD world. I find it strange though, that this is the first I've heard of G4s at this speed.

    Tomorrow will set the tone. I don't see G3s in the server, even if IBM has faster CPUs, but it would be uprecedented if Apple surprised and dissapointed us.
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    Well, every time MOSR languishes for two weeks, they certainly come back with a bang don't they. ;)

    I'm looking forward to July.
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    Re: Re: New Cases, Faster Performance

    I think the 100% isn't meant in terms of pure clockspeed, but rather the overall increase in performance brought upon by an increase in clock speed coupled with mobo improvements (ie - ddr, etc.). Maybe I'm wrong? least it would be nice to hope so.
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    100% is a big move, i am thinking G5, even though i doubt it, i don't think a DP 1.4Ghz is going to give a 100% boost, even though it does have a fast motherboard. What about 1.0ghz, 1.2ghz, 1.4ghz, G4's, and maybe a 1.6Ghz G5? what do you guys thinks?
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    Re: New Cases, Faster Performance

    we can promise a performance leap of more than 100% in processing speed alone over the existing PowerMac....and major leaps in almost every category on the motherboard.

    Great, they're "promising." That means it's a definite. We're beyond just rumors here. We're talking about gospel, and MOSR is leading us to the promised land. Haleluyah.

    So does this mean that we can sue MOSR for emotional damage if the Powermacs come in at 1.4 ghz instead of 2.0?
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    MacManiac1224 youre not getting that 1.6 G5
    I know we all want G5 but its not happening this July.
    If apple were to release a single G5 as the top PM then they could sell it for $4000+ and you people would go out and kill for them.

    people be reasonable
    wait till january.

    lets all hope that we see those dual 1.4 GHZ g4s. for $3300 with new mobo, ddr, USB and Firrwire 2, A BRAND NEW SUPERDRIVE, and who know if we'll see the NVIDIA 128MB card, ohh and throw in an ATA 133 120 GB HD and blue tooth, NOW ALL THIS IS AMAZING. Give me this comp right now.
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    I think that MOSR is a somewhat creditable source, it just depends on where they get their info... If this is true, it's great news for us Macophiles... This is what Apple needs to compete with the intel world...
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    they mentioned new cases...

    i tried showing that in the my Quick Lead post. Quicklead, rather than Quicksilver!!!

    a 12 year old boy playing with barbies :rolleyes:
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    Hey, I like the quote in your sig, how about giving up a little credit on it :p
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    good source

    MOSR is as good a source as any---i'd rate them in the top three in accuracy, though they're not updated as frequently as macrumors. as far as the new, faster g4's(?) in july----wooohooooo!. i've been waiting since december and something twice as fast as the dual 1ghz is just the ticket.:)
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    Re: Re: Re: New Cases, Faster Performance

    Agreed. The memory speed is supposed to be about double. The main bus speed is supposed to be about double and the processor perhaps 30% higher. But since the processor was not the bottleneck last week, this will give headroom and incentive for faster processors. This might be a board for both high end G4 chips and mid-range G5's.

    If I were Apple, I would want a motherboard with legs.

    I am hoping the mobo has higher than necessary speeds other than CPU just to say you did.

    Given the server news is likely to utilize a version of this board I suspect tomorrow will be interesting when the server is released as what I think might be a superset of speed of the powermacs.

    But narrower service goals.


    Why don't I have my image attached to my posts?<BR>[​IMG]
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    Don't count on G5's anytime soon, unless Jobs pulls a rabbit out of his ace tomorrow. Also, from what I've heard we will see the new G4's powermac's before MWNY.
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    Well they sound might confident, don't they. For some reason, I believe them, well, as much as one can believe a rumor. And this is still a rumor.

    Like others have said, we don't need to see twice the clock speed to see twice the performance. We may only see dual 1.4s, but with a better mobo etc. That could quite easily give us twice the performance.

    I gotta say, if we are going to get twice the performance out of these G4s, the G5s will be something very special! *drools*
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    Does anybody think we'll see a 1ghz or faster titanium powerbook in july?

    If not, say that too.
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    Re: powerbooks?

    Very unlikely... they just bumped the Powerbooks.

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    double your fun

    Not to be nitpicky here but what MOSR is saying is a lot bolder than just doubling of overall clockspeed, which most of us seem to think is realisticly attainable with a 1.4ghz G4 combined with faster bus and memory.

    No, they're saying we should expect a doubling of the processor speed alone AND across-the-board improvements in other aspects of the motherboard. That would blow away most people's expectations, G5 or no G5.

    Personally, I don't care much about a case redesign; it's what's inside that matters. The current case is stylish enough for me. But damnit, give me DDR Ram and faster bus!

    And don't you think "Quicklead" is kind of a dumb name? Lead is a heavy, black metal. Toxic too. Not exactly the image you want for a majorly redesigned motherboard and case. Not too believable, IMO.
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    Re: double your fun

    Since quicksilver is just another name for mercury the toxic part can't be a reason to outrule the name.

    But still the name sounds dumb to me too... it doesn't have any elegance and lacks any fantasy.

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    I hope they dont change the cases to much, i still like the Quicksilver case, but if they do change them, I hope we get something completely different and just as effective.

    Im probably still attached to the big handle design because ive never had one.........
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    How about "QuickCadmium"? Sounds dumb, but it's the element after Silver, and is "a soft, bluish-white metallic element."
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    Wow this would be just an amazing machine.. I can't believe a 2 ghz processor speed, but if we're reading mosr correctly.. that's what they are "promissing"... Only thing is I can get a 933 (actual production computer) for $1740 whereas if I wait for "what my come" the rebate will be over and I'll be taking the chance, plus paying $300 extra! grrr....

    I bet I could sell the 933 for between 1700 - 1900 though... since some people will be wishing they'd taken advantage of the rebate...

    but 2ghz!!!! how sweet would that be!
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: New Cases, Faster Performance

    True, considering how long apple stayed with the PC133 architecture. But, if we get 266 mhz ddr, is that going to be enough, considering the above fact, and that we might be stuck with that for quite some time? I myself am hoping for the ddr 333 mentioned in some rumor not too long ago.

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