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New Desktop Line

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Machead III, Nov 4, 2002.

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    Machead III

    With the majority of users being PC users, the majority of users are used to the usuall look of computers, with Apple attempting to switch those guysto Mac's, there main focus will be getting them to be the iMac, but (unrightly) alot of people dispise the look of the flat panel, and when it comes down to it alot of people are afraid of new things and alot of people can be put of by its design, after all design does mean alot now in the tech world, so mabye Apple needs to introduce a new desktop line, like a first step for switchers?
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    HAHA, I see it now-

    The new PC-Mac... "The fist step is admitting you have a problem"
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    Machead III

    Lol I mean something like an eMac mabye, but slimmer and more friendly lookin', and something that Apple would push as far as the iMac
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    I could see other advantages to a small PC-like box...there are places PCs are used today that a Mac just wouldn't be considered because of price and configuration. For example powering restaurant, bar and to a lesser degree, retail POS.

    A Mac user wouldn't want this machine, but being dirt cheap, stable, and fast, it would be great for industry.
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    "A Mac user wouldn't want this machine..."

    This is the biggest reason of all not to do it, but there are others. It also compromises Apple's design standards, and would only fit a small niche with little chance of profit. The majority of Mac buyers are repeat buyers, not switchers, so that's where Apple needs to focus. I don't even think they need the eMac below the iMac, the 4 product grid seemed sufficient imo, but only due to popular demand is it even available to consumers as it was not intended for anything but educational use. The push right now is for faster and more capable machines, something that is worth the investment and will last, not little pos boxes. And cluttering up their product line is NOT a good idea - we already had that, remember? Since the refinement in this area around the release of the first iMac, their strategy has proved that computer buying doesn't have to be that hard. This further separates Apple from their competitors.
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    Do you have any idea how big the POS market is? Take a walk around New York City!
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    I don't really think its a matter of market size. The eMac with a touch screen could easily form the base of a POS terminal. If you look at the construction, I bet that Apple's cost of producing an eMac is no more than a cheap PC with separate enclosures for system and monitor. The problem is that for Apple to target that market, they would have to dramatically lower their margins to compete. They have chosen not to do so.
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    I don't think Barney's NY, JCrew, Pottery Barn Macy's, Staples, Kmart, and countless restaurants and bars want big old eMacs sitting on their counters!

    Don't get me wrong, I love the eMac. You just don't understand the needs of retail/restaurant POS. OS X would be awesome, but current Mac hardware would NEVER fly for 99% of this market.

    Then again, maybe you're right that Apple shouldn't go after any new markets at this time.
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    Machead III

    Yeah mabye a scaled down flat panel, low (no choice really) processor speed etc. touch screen, there is no real market leader, Apple could expand!
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    Actually, I understand the needs for POS quite well. I have built and installed many POS systems - especially into restaurants. I think the eMac would be fine for anyone using a POS terminal that is basically a PC with a cash drawer. There are many applications however where that type of system would not fit. The main thing is to tilt the unit and build it into the counter as opposed to sitting it on top.

    BTW, I believe Apple should go after new markets - but they must choose carefully. They have decided to go after low volume high margin and you're right that POS is not high margin.
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    Machead III

    Ya but I guess Inkwell might be usefull for something, I mean reognition with signatures etc.

    But back to the new Desktop line talk, mabye something with a tower, and space for extra drives, alot of unenlightened PC users wanna fill their boxes with whatever they can afford :rollseyes:

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