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New DP script for Gromacs

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Zeke, May 7, 2003.

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    Anyone gotten a Gromacs WU yet? Just wondering if the script needs to be altered to have the -forceasm flag as well. Probably not but I didn't get a Gromacs WU when it ran. Thanks.
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    Re: New DP script for Gromacs

    remember, ALL protiens generate randomly (or the server you connect, which IS random)

    getting this means you now have the chance of getting one, now.
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    Normally yes, but in order to get Gromacs you must have -advmethods enabled (atleast according to the folding forum). They also recommend having -forceasm and -verbosity 9. Hence the reason for my post.
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    ok i went over there and got this in one of the stickies:

    so unless ppl's machines are crashing left and right, then i'm just going to leave it out. it has no bearing on whether the server gives u gromacs or not.
  5. pEZ
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    My friend just started folding with mc68k's SP script, and the second protein he ever got was a Gromacs protein - I think it's all just luck of the draw.
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    Cool thanks...
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    if ur really bent on getting a gromacs, u can install my script and see if u get one. if u dont, then type in rid and start the process over until u get one...
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    2 beers.

    1. how does one know if it's a gromacs protein?

    2. if i type "rid", do i then run the setup script again? or just type "start"?
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    Hey, I restarted into 10.2.6 today and folding didn't start running again, I had the 'launch on reboot' one on 'y' (yes) what gives?

    Then I tried the 'fold' command, but that tried to give me another unit and I stoped that so what should I do?

    All protiens are the luck of the draw.
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    543 or 909 at this point from what ive read on the forums and seen here on the macs.
    rid gets rid of everything including those shortcuts, so just run the setup script again. it's like nothing was ever installed. :)
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    type in:
    crontab -l
    if there is something there than it should be running, if not then it wasn't installed properly.
    could you elaborate please? it just started doing this after the 10.2.6 install? how far along was the other protein?
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    it is 306/400

    I heard you had a 'fold' command, I thought it would restart the folding work, it didn't look like it was because it said my team was 01 (or 00, some default team #) ... :eek:
    and it didn't have my name.. how do I proceed?
    I typed in the code and it looks like it still aint running...
    eh?? it still says my CPU usage is like 10% so it aint running... I don't want another Unit... :(
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    i thought it was "start"?
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    yeah originally before i made stop it was fold. seemed natural to have start go with stop instead of fold and stop...

    MrMacman: the easiest solution 4 u would be 2 install the new scripts. if u want me to find another sloution for you i'm probably going to have to take a look at all of your folding files somehow, since i'm still not sure what is wrong.
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    This *was* the new scripts!

    How I turn folding back on, with the current progress re-started...

    A recap: I reboot, folding doesn't come back online... I want to know the command or why it failed (how to stop it from happening again)...

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