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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Chad H, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Chad H

    Hey guys,
    I just had a quick question. My friend and I are doing a recruiting video for Youtube. What we need is when we mention a players name the screen to flash his picture for about 2 seconds or so. I have iMovie 09 now but I haven't gotten to fiddle with it. I'm new to all this. I hope everyone knows what I'm talking about. Let's say that I say "Tim Tebow", then I need his picture to fill the screen for about 2 seconds or so and no audio. Is this possible with iMovie 09? Appreciate any help or advice guys!

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    I've only worked with 08 but seen demos of 09. I'm pretty sure, in 09, you can split the video segment and then insert a photo between the 2 segments.

    My copy of 09 is expected to arrive today. I might know more tonight.
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    Chad H

    Okay, I figured '09 could do it. I was hoping to do it with out any version Final Cut.

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