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Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, May 20, 2002.

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    512k L2 cache as well. now i'm wondering; what kind of G3 chip could this be????
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    Ensign Paris

    The UK store is down for maintenance, I like the new specs, I just wish I needed one.

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    First one in!

    Cool! I got the first post in! :D

    Anyway, at least they can run Quartx Extreme now. No G4s though...
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    Come on, in the time I took to type the first post, two people got in.:mad:
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    The front page of (US) is rotating between the new iBook and the Xserve. The new iBook screen clearly states that it offers "Up to" 40 GB hd, and it's mentiond on one area on the iBook page, but there seems to be conflicting info on some of the Apple pages saying you can only get 20 or 30 GB drives. Hopefully they can clarify this a little better.
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    I'm buying!

    Fortuitous timing! Once my Amiga sells, it's new iBook for me.

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    you got to type fast my man ;)

    BTW, Quartz Extreme will be nice one these babies! With reports on current iBooks running Jagwire bloody fast, think about adding Quartz Extreme and an extra 100 MHz.

    Still wondering what kind of G3 is in these new machines though. arn, any ideas (could it be the Sahara? 512k, fits the description)
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    The answer is simple: BTO!

    Jeez, I'm glad the G4 didn't make it into the iBook just yet.
    My 500/DVD would have been scrap plastic :eek:
    And I just bought AppleCare!
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    512k, or 256k L2?

    It's not clear whether these machines really do have 512k, or 256k Level 2 cache on their G3s. The technicals specs page says they do, but the main ibook page states 256k:

    " Turbocharged with a fast 700MHz PowerPC G3 processor, 256K on-chip cache running at full processor speed, a 100MHz system bus and 256MB of SDRAM"

    well. which is it, then?
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    A modest, quiet, but well targeted update. Apple seems to be on a roll. Can't wait to see the new towers...
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    It is 512k

    Both and now says 512k. 512k is also on the site.
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    no audio in jacks??? did the prev models have audio in?

    I'd say this is the first ibook (700mhz 14.1") to surpass the features of the much love pismo500 machines. ..
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    Ensign Paris

    I think we can besure of the 512k L2 Cache now, Apple do seem to have released an awful lot recently.


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    This is great, a speed bump is just what they needed! This confirms by belief that we have to get faster towers at MWNY!!
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    Ensign Paris

    The US Apple store is down now, so it should be online soon for us to start configureing iBooks most of us will never buy :)

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    512k L2 or 256k L2 ???

    Hey .... sup ... the new ibooks specs sounds good to me !!! sweet !! ....

    But what the difference between 512K L2 or 256K L2, is it goin to be a big improvement in performances ???
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    Whilst it's real nice that the iBook has been updated, has the 512k L2 cache, and a radeon graphics card... 128Mb RAM? Come on, that's no where near good enough to run OS X at a reasonable speed.

    Drewz ~ 'big' is a very subjective word. The 512k is going to make a difference and result in a faster system, but what do you consider 'big' to be? Still, it's a step up in performance, that's for sure.
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    No iBook has ever had audio in...

    Maybe the 512k means that there are 2 processors! each with 256k :D (we wish...)

    Well, at least we all know that the next update will have G4's in store for the good 'ol iBook... and then, I'm upgrading...
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    Graphics sham

    Looks like us Brits won't be getting Quartz Extreme anytime soon:

    just copied this from the Apple UK store...

    14.1-inch TFT XGA display
    700MHz PowerPC G3
    512K L2 cache (at 700MHz)
    256MB SDRAM memory
    30GB Ultra ATA drive
    DVD/CD-RW drive
    ATI RAGE Mobility 128
    16MB video memory
    10/100BASE-T Ethernet
    56K internal modem
    VGA video output

    Is that an ATI Rage 128 I see? what no Raedon?

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    Re: I'm buying!

    Hey what type of Amiga? I had a 4000 years ago and traded it for a home PC, I was one of the Beta Testers for the Mac Emulation board....those were the days...:cool:
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    Re: 512k, or 256k L2?

    Interesting point. The specs say 512 L2 but the page itself says 256K L2. Perhaps the specs were updated and the page not? Is there a new version of the G3?

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    Re: Re: I'm buying!

    Amiga 1200 060-50 tower. My need is for it to cover around 2/3 of the cost of a new low-ish end iBook. We'll see how that goes.

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    I called my Apple dealer to ask about the new iBooks. I won't be able to get one cause I just got one in December, but he seemed to think the new iBooks do infact have the G3 Sahara chip!!!!!! He says if they do they should be quite fast! I guess we will have to see.

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