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New iMac...Web Pad...Rack Server?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jun 6, 2001.

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    Yewie sent us a brief heads-up to a rumor article on The Register that points to what could be the next iMac...and Apple web pad...and OS X rackmount server. Which is it? All perhaps...but more likely, none.

    At any rate, it's an interesting bit of speculation.
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    In a way it's pretty cool. In a way it seems un-Mac like in design. I know it's VERY similar to the Windows tablet. I guess we'll see, huh?
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    Absolutely pathetic. its rumors like these that get people angry at sites like macrumors.com. I garuantee you all that no such i-mac will ever come out on the market. PEOPLE HELLOOO....an LCD 15 inch alone costs around 1,000 dollars and more!! The technology is just so expensive. The i-mac today is just so cheap! Do you see what I am getting at here? With upgrading the i-mac hardware and adding an LCD were talking of starting prices of 2,500 dollars atleast. So please just forget this. Maybe Apple wil release i-mac g4s towards the end of 2001. Thats the next step. It will not take leaps and bounds and jump to a completely wierd design.!
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    If a 15" LCD costs so much then why is Apple selling theirs for 599? But I agree no iMac will have a LCD
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    Good Idea

    I think the Idea of a computer with a pull off wireless tablet for things like surfing on the couch would be cool but I agree that the technology is way to expensive to pack into low cost iMacs. Perhaps another line of computers but more than likely, someone just has a big imagination.
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    How is MS pulling this off? Anyone know details of that thing? I saw video of it on news.com a while back. And it was flat panel pull off.
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    I believe about a month ago, Apple decided to stop producing CRT displays. They are also trying to clear out their current iMac stock by offering a free Rio mp3 player. I'd venture to say that all the new iMacs will have LCD displays. As for the wireless tablet feature who knows.
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    One last thing. The new ibooks start at $1299 which contain an LCD monitor. So I am sure Apple could find a cost effective way to incorporate them into the iMac.
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    Dear todd, the I-books with an LCD start at 1,299 yes but...those LCDs are how big? As tech imporves people want atleast 15 inch. not 12 or 13 or 14. EACH INCH ADDS another 400 US dollars?
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    is it possible to run a geforce3 in such a device? 12 inches aint bad if you can run a really high resolution on it... 1024 x 768 isn't enough for me. 1280 or above would work. besides, 12" in something that you can pull off and walk around with is plenty big.
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    How about a 14" screen which is reasonably cheap - it will become standard in the PC world for notebooks.
    Pricewise, it *is* possible, and when taking Apple's latest LCD-only strategy into account, it isn't just likely that the new iMac will have an LCD.
    The iMac currently is the only Mac with a CRT. Considering the new design scheme started with the TiBook and the iBook will make its way to the PowerMac G4 and the iMac, too.
    So Apple has been 'jumping to a completely weird design', to quote Kela.
    Although, I don't think, the new line is 'weird' :smile:
    What we might also see is a 133 MHz system bus, a GeForce 2 MX grafx card and more RAM. Also another processor speed bump (up to 750 MHz, which is the top end for the G3 aka 750cxe). Other than that a 14" LCD-screen, maybe 15", which also agrees with the latest rumors (about the new 'iBook' - remember when the iMac started? It used PowerBook technology (motherboard, etc.)).
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    With all due respect..

    With all due respect....i havent understood anything from your last post? So youre saying that Apple has jumped to a weird design? And youre saying that TiBook will be moving to powermac G4? I don't understand. So the Titanium will become a tower? Am I dumb?

    The only thing that I know is that I don't know anything
    - Rene Discartes

    - Kela
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    No Kela, I was quoting you.
    You wrote:
    >> Thats the next step. It will not take leaps and bounds and jump to a completely wierd design.! <<

    And my reply was that the design theme of Apple has already changed, just compare the old and the new iBook. Both are completely different as far as design is concerned. The old one has rounded edges and so on, but the new one has a clear, simple shape.
    So what I am saying is that Apple will shift towards the new design this summer at the Keynote, presenting a new Powermac G4 case as well as a new iMac which will be of the same family as the TiBook and the iBook.

    Did that help you?
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    Well, with crt's, they are measured from the outer edge corners of the casing. LCD's are measured from corners of the actual screen.

    Also, apples LCD's are so expensive because all of hte extra components. (ADC components, USB Hub, Casing) It's not ALL because of the LCD. The other components aren't free...

    So throw a UMA mother board with CPU, an inexpensive Maxtor drive, a dvd drive, and firewire ports and adapter all into the 599 display and it could easily be under 1000 dollars.

    Something like that would recreate the original iMac craze all over again, and maybe even bring more people into mac market.

    So who knows.
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    Thanks Oreocookie. The clarification was appreciated. Also the follow up by GP Tourismo is noteworthy. I didn't know that it was possible to compile such an i-mac under 1,000 USD. If they can, thats excellent. People, on a different note: When are the 2nd revision Titaniums coming with ATI Radeon heats??
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    Kela is Dumb

    See topic.

    Oh, and there is an article on this at http://www.mosr.com too, with some more info on the subject.
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    Lurid, mosr.com

    The comment "Kela is dumb" was muchly appreciated thankyou. Secondly, Lurid you think I make up stupid stories..??? HAHAHAH! Everybody go to http://www.mosr.com. A cheap version of this site. There people are actually fantasizing about DUAL PROCESSOR 600 MHZ Titanium Powerbooks! Yes Lurid, it is me who is dumb.

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