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New in DP4

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by baryon, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Now that people should start being able to download DP4, post anything new that you find in it.

    I don't have Lion myself, but from Apple's site I think I can tell that they have a new fabric background for Mission Control, and a new blue space-themed desktop background too, along with new brushed metal icons for Launchpad and Mission Control.

    What else?
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    Still downloading it...I have 15 MBs and it is soooooo slooooow...:mad:
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    4 finger swipe down now back...

    New GUI for Trackpad setting, I find it easier to use....
  4. rorschach, Jun 6, 2011
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2011

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    -Downloads window is gone entirely. You can use only the popover via the toolbar button.

    -New icon: round silver disc with a rocket ship icon in the middle.

    -Photo Booth automatically opens in full screen mode the first time you open it. If you leave full screen and quit, it remembers that.
    -"Tap with two fingers" to right click removed. You can only "click with two fingers" to right click now.
    -Trackpad and Mouse prefpanes redesigned
    -Appearance prefpane renamed to General
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    overall fasterand "snappier" performance across the OS
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    I remember seeing a new icon for Mail.app in the keynote... it was a silver disk with a postage stamp in the middle. Did it change? (I hope not, it's ugly)
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    Are you serious? I give Apple a pass on most things, but I never click my trackpads, I am a tapper. I would be much obliged if any willing Devs would complain about this change. At least give us the option.
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    What is the build number of this version?
    Should be in "about this mac".
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  10. Guest

    Sky Blue


    No, it's still the same.
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    Build 11A480b
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    In Safari when you click a download link, an icon flies from the link up to the Downloads button in the toolbar.

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    Can anyone confirm this?
    It's incredible...
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    maybe because you have the "Tap to click" option disabled.

    enable it and check again.
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    I will not upgrade if this make it in to the final release.
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    Working just fine for me. Tapping two finger right clicks.
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    hey can any of you upload the new default wallpaper shown today at wwdc?

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    Anyone got DP4 through software update? Or is it http download only this time?
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    Ah, there we go. Thanks. :)

    I never single-tap, I only double tap so I didn't even think of it.
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    Sky Blue

    you scared the crap out of me
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    +1 Same with me lol.

    Did the Safari white page when loading a new site get fixed?
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    LOL sorry. Although I felt the same way. :eek:
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    What does the trackpad pref pane show on Mac's with out official multitouch trackpads?? (i.e. an early 2008 MacBook)

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    So I installed the iCloud beta software for DP4 but I haven't been able to test it out. All I get is a button to "Upgrade to iCloud" but the website it opens just says that iCloud is coming soon.


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