New Ipod Nano Video Issues

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tmofee, Sep 27, 2009.

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    Hi all!

    Sorry, first time poster, long time reader, I was wondering if anyone could help please with my new nano and getting videos off it ,,, Now I have a boring ol' Win XP machine (next upgrade I'm looking to the other side, dont judge me! ;P) and I can copy music across from itunes to the nano no problems. I can also record stuff with the nano using my video recorder, but can't get any of it off.. Picture Motion Browser comes up with "no new media files were found". Is it because the nano is coming up as the L drive on my PC?? (i have one of those SD card hubs which selects F - J as the slots to plug in the cards) I can go into the ipod itself and drag the file out no worries, it's just annoying that it won't export the files automatically. I can't even see the recorded files in itunes. It's a shame that Apple haven't set up that side of it yet..
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    NC MacGuy

    That's by design. You can't pull files off through iTunes.

    If you set it up as "allow disk use", you'll have a folder on the ipod you can use as storage and move files from place to place - but not media files from iTunes. Hope this makes some sense.
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    well, how are you meant to get the videos off of the nano without going into a folder and dragging them out? for the standard user, i mean?
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    i think apple made it more convinient that way, now you dont have to load iTunes, and wait, just drag and drop :)

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