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New "iPod Selection" feature?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Nermal, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I've just installed 3.0 and have found something that I haven't seen mentioned yet. My iTunes library is larger than my iPod, and it's automatically created a new playlist called "My Name's iPod Selection". Everything in that playlist gets copied across, avoiding the "out of space" error that I got under 2.2.1 :)
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    no my ipod did this under 2.2.1
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    That's interesting; I've had this Touch since OS 1.1.3 and this is the first time that it's created a playlist. I've done a bit more research and found this from way back in iTunes 4.2! Maybe OS 3.0 has made it more reliable on iPhone/Touch (my "classic" iPod is 80 GB so I didn't hit the limit).
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    I've always got the error. never made a playllist for me
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    Ivan P

    iTunes did this with my iPod nano did this almost 4 years ago :p

    But with my iPod touch I've had the same problem as you - if I have 'too much' music in my library it'll say it can't fit on the iPod but wont do anything about it...oh well, I'm in the process of updating to 3.0 right now :D

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