New iPod Touch 3g and iPod nano 5g cases emerge. LEAK!!!

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by appleguy123, Aug 14, 2009.

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    These came from the Portuguese site Promais which is an Authorized Apple Distributer. They have been taken down as of now.

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    Looks sweet. Not sure if I care much about a camera on an iPod, but there is bound to be someone who does. I hope there is some other features that compete with the ZuneHD. A price cut wouldn't hurt either!
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    I got the 3gS so it doesn't matter to me. But if the ipod touch gets a higher mp and faster processor i'm gonna be mad.
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    I doubt that it will. As much as they really want to sell iPod Touches, they want to create a divide between the Touch and the iPhone.
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    The iPod touch 2g had a faster processor than the iPhone 3g and (imo) a better screen.
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    Were you mad when the 2G touch was released, then? That had a faster processor than the 3G.
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    Tallest Skil

    No one notices a faster processor, and the screen was unrecognizably identical.
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    read above you next time....
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    Or... Apple could merge the two lines and call them the same thing, which we know they're not. :rolleyes:
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    Why would the camera have a light next to it like the iSight?

    The iPhone camera doesnt so I doubt these would either
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    Ummm..... Anyone else notice the discrepancy in the placement of the apple logo.....? I like the bottom one more... Just throwing that out there. Also, the top pic has a black backing...? How 'authorized' is the retailer? Lots of people are, but not many are as trustworthy as say.... Griffin, or logitech etc etc.
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    The "light" could be a microphone since the iPod Touch and nano don't already have microphones like the iPhone does.
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    i have heard the 16 GB was selling for $199
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    Actually, my 13yo daughter was playing a game on her grandpa's 1st gen, then a few weeks later on my new 2nd. She had no clue what the differences were other than the speaker.

    I said something about mine being faster than his - she said, well that explains it, i thought it was a lot faster on yours. I think it was the free "Race to Witch Mountain" one....

    Anyway, i thought it was interesting that she actually noticed it. She normally doesn't notice things like that.
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    Then why would you buy a 3gs and I. Can tell you it is noticable
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    BJB Productions

    Not a light, a mic?
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    OMG!!!!!!! umma buy it!!!!!! it looks amazing the ipod touch 3G with camera!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    this is way better than the ZUNE HD,!!! hahahahahaha
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    Are you a 12 year old girl?
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    no, it's just the way I talk when i get excited:D
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    Dun be a douche :p People that are excited over Apple products are the reason the company is still in business. -high fives leomac-
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    High Five- Dark Saito! :D
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    It was a joke lol. Not an insult to the poster I thought it was more indulging to his comment not an insult. Its hard to tell what people are saying i type :(
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    Thanks for the pics.

    While the addition of a camera is nice for those who want it, personally, I prefer the current form factor for the touch -- thin and metal.
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    Most of the things said here are "ambiguous"
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    dude that looks so awesome. id defiantly trade in my 16 gb second gen for the 15% off or whatever apple does. i need to save up my money though. im not worried about a jailbreak. i think i can do without for awhile with an iPod touch like that

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