New iPod Touch Has Vibration?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by SamuelS1289, Sep 2, 2010.

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    I surfed the internet and I saw this blog here. It mentions that the 4th gen iPod Touch will have vibration included. Is it true?

    I'm very interested in buying the iPod Touch... but is this too good to be true? :eek:
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    The Accessibility feature page of the iPod touch does say it has vibration, so it does seem like it!
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    But according to iPod Touch breakdown with iFixIt, they never mention anything about vibration motor? :confused:
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    I don't think iFixit has broken down the 4th gen iPod touch yet? They should be tearing it down in a week once they receive it (they have to wait for it just like us) :)

    Also, check out the page that article is referring to: Just scroll down to the FaceTime paragraph and it says it will vibrate.

    That paragraph is copy-pasted nearly word-for-word from the iPhone 4 page, but it seems like a major oversight if the iPod touch actually doesn't have vibration and they left that in.
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    They already mentioned it here,
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    Yes, so it would be a major oversight by Apple if they said it had vibration when it doesn't. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do something like that, so it seems more than likely it has vibration.
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    Then iPod Touch's vibration is probably isn't strong like iPhone 4 does, don't you agree? How the heck did they manage to fit in that "even thinner" body case?
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    apple tends to copy and past. maybe they just copied it form the iphone part. also they lie. remember they had flash in one of their ipad ads?
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    Not exactly copied and pasted.. look at two different paragraphs..

    One for iPod Touch..


    One for iPhone 4..

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    I would love a vibration device, for alarms where I don't wish to disturb others.

    We'll see then.
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    Yeah, I can't wait for the new iPod Touch!
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    for some reason the scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' comes to mind...
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    This is awesome!
    It also says something about white on black screen:
    I didn't understand this thing. Does it mean the color will change like if we put a theme?
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    It means it will invert the colors. White is black, blue is orange, etc.
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    i just had a chat with an apple expert and he said there IS vibrating on the new ipod touch!
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    I had a chat with an Apple expert earlier today and he said there wasn't. So I'm not sure how much I trust them.
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    Odd then that the tech specs don't mention it:
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    Thanks for a quick reply. This is awesome! black colored iOS :D
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    Agreed. I emailed Steve Jobs about this situation, and he never respond...

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