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New iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ipod0324, Mar 30, 2006.

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    It doesn't seem like Apple is coming out with a new iPod this Saturday. It is past the usual time for an iPod update. Any thoughts of when the next iPod maybe released?
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    hardly 'time for an update'' it has been only about 6months.

    How made threads do we have about new iPods:eek:
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    Doctor Q

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    Q, we all know that the Buyer's Guide is USELESS when it comes to the iPod. The line has been split for like, 3 years and yet the Buyer's Guide hasn't. "The iPod has been split over multiple model lines now, so this release log isn't entirely accurate." Ya think?

    Just pointing this out.
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    Go easy, cowboy

    I believe your response to Q was a bit harsh. Just making note.
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    Well I bucked the trend for buying an iPod and not seeing an update come out the following week, so I'm happy with my 5Gen...when I bought my 1Gen Mini, the buggers bought out the 2Gen two weeks later, with 50% more disk space and double the battery life for the same price! :(

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