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New iTunes Visualizers in Leopard

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 28, 2007.

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    Apple has added three new visualizers in the version of iTunes that is built into the latest build of leopard. The new visualizers are called Lathe, Jelly, and Stix.


    Lathe: A floating fountain of particles that pulsate to bass (very responsive to bass drums)


    Jelly: A quick moving kaleidoscope of multicolored bright LED-looking lights


    Stix: A streak of light that changes speed and color to the music and reflects on the "floor" of the visual.

    Apple is expected to release Leopard in October.

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    Awesome! Maybe these will come in the new version of iTunes as well...
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    They look pretty cool. :)
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    Every time I hear something new about this awesome OS,my patience shrinks...luckily every day is a day closer :)
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    This is the feature that makes me buy Leopoard:D:D:D

    The Specialist:apple:
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    wow cool! like it and will use it !
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    Maybe not, but it adds to the OS, and together all the small things make people upgrade, and even switch to the Mac :)
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    I'm excited about Leopard already, but what is the big deal with this?
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    Sounds like great "extras", but I'm not the type to use visualizers. Good for those who do, though!
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    iTunes updates between now and Leopard will simply be little bug fixes and adjustments to work with any new iPod or iPhone firmware updates. Not gonna be anything new on that front until "sometime in October."
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    hopefully. seems pretty cool. looking forward to leopard ;)
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    I can't wait to try these... Come on Apple! At least give us a date to look forward to!
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    Tell ya what.When you have 4-6 spaces open and you're listening to iTunes the visualizer looks great when switching between spaces.Or when you have spaces open to all the different windows.
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    Look to October 31st...you won't be disappointed :)
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    You mean you never had a bath with the mac set up next to you running some chill album (I recommend Planet of Ice by Minus The Bear) with the visualizer on?

    Yeah me neither, men don't take baths!
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    So why are people voting negative on this? :rolleyes:

    Just another example of how worthless the ratings are on this site, might as well just get rid of them, they're completely meaningless.
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    hopefuly leopard will also have much more xtras , :p love it!
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    I hope it stays Mac exclusive. Maybe I'm the only one but I just would like for Apple to put some Mac only features in iTunes. Microsoft always makes dumbed down versions of their Windows software for the Mac.
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    Jelly ROCKS!!!!

    And yet it looks nothing like Leopard spots. I'm good with that!
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    has anyone noticed that the iTunes close, minimize, zoom buttons are the old dim buttons. Now i can compare them side by side, i prefer the new ones.
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    Perhaps, but they're not going to release a new Leopard-only version of iTunes. I'm saying I wonder if this is just a newer version of iTunes that the betas have that will later be released to Tiger as well or are these new visualizers going to only work with CoreAnimation (something only Leopard will have).
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    I haven't used Visualizers since my old PC and WinAmp days, as I always found them not "real" or accurate enough with respect to their timing and reflection of the music being played. I'm sure they've come a long way, so perhaps once I get Leopard and my new MacBook Pro I'll give these a try just for fun. ;)
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    Must be a slow news day! :cool:
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    I remember last year when they demoed some features of Leopard one of them is better text to voice, more natural sounding, etc. Is that still in? They haven't mentioned it since. :confused:
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    Nice compositions

    There's this cool app called Quartz Composer in the current developer tools. You can make amazing animations that play in QuickTime Player and as screen savers in the current OS. They can even sense inputs such as audio and react to them. You can find websites full of these compositions now. Wouldn't it be cool if such compositions could hook into iTunes somehow, someday? Just speculatin'

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