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New LCD display

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by Gianrico, Mar 3, 2004.

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    I have to buy a new LCD display for my Apple G5. The viewing area must be at least 17". I 'm thinking to buy the Apple studio display. Will it be replaced soon or not?
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    I have an nec 1760v in almost new condition with 2.5 years left on the warranty if you are interested in purchasing that :)
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    i've heard Dell has well priced LCDs.

    Formacs are great though not much less than Apples, but they perform much better (though the Formac feet make it difficult to use them side-by-side). I've got a 17" Formac paired with my 17" PB. very nice. :D

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    Word on the street is that they are due for a revision very soon. If you can wait, then I would recommend you wait. Or go for the 20" cinema display. You won't regret that. (Although that is rumored to be updated soon as well.) There is mention of it on the forums here. Do a quick search and you will find it.
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    One version of the rumor indicates that new Powermacs will bring with them new displays. I've certainly been waiting on new displays for a while now (crosses fingers for 30").

    Look at the front page, (or the forums every monday), and you'll see that new PowerMacs are highly anticipated in the near future. The current ram special Apple is running ends March 27th, I'd expect to see new PowerMacs after that date and hopefully, as I said, new displays.

    Did I mention the new display better include a greater range of variance from the vertical...? cuz the current design sucks.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by this....can you explain a bit more??
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    See the screen tilts of the first display, it's pivot point is located near the center of the screen.. so its possible to be sitting below the lcd and tilt it downwards.

    The actual pivot point on the current line-up from apple is at the base of the feet. The viewing angle is limited due to the poor design.. which I've always hated.

    The new line-up, I hope, will be a bit more traditional.. but I hope Apple is able to find a way of removing the bezel all together... and then of course adding mounting brackets. :D

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    The expectation, as mentioned, is that along with the new G5 powermacs that we will see new form factor screen's for the Apple LCDs, likely in metal with a much thinner border to assist screen spanning work. Also, people are hoping for better resolution and better refresh rates. Other more speculative talk has been to possibly wireless options to cut down on cables, inbuilt TV tuners, semiportable screens etc

    When, who knows. It could just be a simple form factor change and little more... :(

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