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New LCD's?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by BkkChris, Dec 30, 2002.

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    So, I know this has been talked about a bit all around, however I have yet to see a thread just on this topic. Any thoughts on what (if any!) LCD's Apple might release at the upcoming MWSF? I guess the 19" is a bit expected and overdue - think it will be a Widescreen, what about the 17", faster and widescreen or just a (yawn) price reduction. The Apple screens look great, but for my dollar the Formac's beat them hands down on the speed, color and technology in general. I really think Apple needs an update of the 17" and a new 19". Cheers.
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    Re: New LCD's?

    Does anyone think the new displays might be on an arm, similar to our iMac??

    I think they might be able to pull something like this off. And it would eliminate the "viewing angle" statistic. :)

    In all seriousness, I would buy one in a second.
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    I wouldnt mine a standalone LCD like the 17" iMac. Why do the iMacs have the smaller widescreens and us powermac users are stuck with third party, or spend an arm and a leg for a cinema display?
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    How about this, and this is completely wild speculation.... but say you take an iMac's base. Remove the power supply, add a pci slot or two, and make an external power brick and call it the iMac Pro.

    could that work?
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    Re: New LCD's?

    If the price reductions are substantial, I wouldn't yawn at all. I doubt we'll see Apple take on Formac in a price war, but I think that a "price bump" on Apple displays would be a welcome annoucement.

    As far as using the iMac base, how 'bout making a small version of the base and letting it be either desk-standing or wall-mountable?
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    Re: Re: New LCD's?

    i'd totally love a wall-mountable iMac styled flat panel. word.

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    I'm not sure if a version of the iMac base could handle a LCD on an arm though, a lot of people keep the LCD on the iMac hanging over the front, if there's no counterbalance in the base then it'll surely tip over.

    I can definately see new displays with a setup like that though, providing they don't trip over themselves.
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    As the monitors get bigger, the balance problem will be exacerbated. The base will have to become bigger, heavier, or be attached to the desk/wall.

    Another choice: make the base in the shape of a C-clamp, which you attach to the back or side of a desk or table.
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    I've got another idea for Apple. They should develop, manufacture, announce, and demonstrate wireless monitors using Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology. UWB can handle 3 to 10gbps (gigabits per second), sending signals via modulated "noise" across a range of frequencies. That's easily enough bandwidth to run a 1028x768 monitor at 72fps and 24-bit color, which comes to about 1.5gbps.

    Apple has at least a week to develop this technology before MWSF, so it should be no problem for their engineers. I just hope they give MacRumors proper credit, with free samples for all of us.
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    I like this idea!! Couldnt agree more with you! ;)

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