New MacBook Air now available in Apple EPP

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by brdnboy, Nov 3, 2010.

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    I talked to my buddy over at the Apple retail store earlier today. The new MacBook Air is now available in the EPP store for employee purchase (25% or 15% off). Thought I would let everyone know so they can talk their "buddy" into getting them a deal.
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    I'm sorry, but what's the new macbook air? or do you mean that the new macbook air is available for employee discounts?
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    Not sure how this is news, it's been in the EPP store since the day it was released. That's where I bought mine 5 minutes after the online store came back online.
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    I believe the OP is referring to the Apple Employee online store. Where only those working in Apple retail stores can purchase the new MBA. They get three 15% off and one 25%. I think those are on a yearly basis but I could be wrong. It generally takes a few weeks after a product is announced to show up on the Apple employee store.
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    It's different for each product, based on that products availability. IMO, more new/updated products are immediately available in the employee store than not.
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    that is how I got mine! Not through an Apple emloyee, but through my own company's EPP. Got about 6% off which isn't the best, but I don't know anyone who currently works for Apple.
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    Unless he is mistaken, The new MacBook Air was not available in the Apple Employee (not other) EPP store until yesterday Nov. 3rd. It takes weeks or months for new products to reach this store (iPad just became available, but notebooks generally take a few weeks).
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    It's been available since release.
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    He's mistaken. My friend ordered mine from the EPP store Monday afternoon (Nov 1st).
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    That makes sense. He hadn't been in to the store for a few days so it has become available to order in the last week it seems.
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    You both are mistaken...I got mine ordered for me via Apple retail EPP on the 22nd so it's been there since release. Your friend probably didn't notice.
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    Interesting. He may have missed it then. I know he has looked everyday he worked (2-3 times a week) since release but he may have just overlooked it. Good to know it was almost immediately available.
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    Nothing mistaken about my quote. I never claimed when they were first available to be ordered, I simply stated when mine was ordered. :cool:

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