New 'MACDefender' Variant Installs Without Admin Password Requirement

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 25, 2011.

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    Antivirus firm Intego today reported that it has discovered a new variant of the "MACDefender" malware that ups the ante by not requiring an administrator password for installation. The step is accomplished by installing the application only for the current user.
    Late yesterday, Apple issued its first public notice on the MACDefender malware, providing users with steps for avoiding or removing the software, as well as reporting that a Mac OS X software update to be released in the "coming days" will automatically find and remove MACDefender and its known variants. The update will also alert users if they are about to download one of the malware applications.

    It is unknown whether protection against the new "MacGuard" variant will be included in the software update from Apple, but the company will almost certainly have to keep on its toes to address the quickly evolving threat.

    Article Link: New 'MACDefender' Variant Installs Without Admin Password Requirement
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    Mr. Gates

    Sorry but I have to do this....

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    oh snap! :)
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    you still have to click through the installer right?
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    I may be misreading things, but you still have to execute the installer correct?
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    Wow, whomever is behind MACDefender doesn't seem like it's going to give up anytime soon!
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    Rodimus Prime

    my guess is it is only going to get a lot worse from here. It is pretty common trick of the "virus" writing to use one that worked and slightly modify it to work another way or do something else and it gets counted as a different virus using the same hole or same trick.

    I am willing to bet in the future some of theses things like MACDefender are going to install and not do anything real to get themselves noticed for weeks on end and leave a huge hole to allow other stuff to get installed. You can kill off the other stuff installed but because the hole is never plugged new things will keep coming in.
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    You probably don't have to click through the installer, but you do have to be running as an administrator. Something that no one should ever do on a day to day basis, for any reason.
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    And so it begins...
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    the days of malware free macs are over! No surprise that Apple initially failed to acknowledge the problem.
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    Staff Member

    Perhaps Apple should issue an 'update' the makes Safari not open downloaded files automatically?
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    Uncheck "Open 'safe' files after downloading" in Safari Prefs.
    Downloaded apps will not launch automatically if you uncheck this option in Safari. Not sure about other Browsers. So as long as you don't launch the installer, you are fine.
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    Yeah, that should be the default option.
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    This is getting more serious lol
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    The days of malware-free macs have BEEN over. This appears to be the first malware that is actually getting decent press coverage.
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    That's not correct. It's installing the malware just for the current user. It won't matter whether that user is an Admin or not, it won't need a password in either case.
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    Which is why I have Safari ask me if I want to open a file right after downloading...
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    "Open files after downloading" should be removed completely.
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    They've been over for a quite a long time, this is far from the first Mac OS X based trojan.

    Where did you get the impression the days of malware free macs were not over ?
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    Can't Apple sue them ?
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    Does that phony Finder window still pop up before MACDefender begins to download itself or does it go straight to the download?
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    I love how all the PC guys are happy! LOL!

    Still... not a virus... it's Malware and I'm not clicking "Install".
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    Ahhhhh if you can find them. These guys don't make themselves easy to find. They're trying to steal.
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    It's a package, guys. You still have to click "Next" 4 or 5 times and select the destination drive.
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    Who the hell is downloading this *****??

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