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New Mobile Theme for Forums

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by arn, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. arn
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    Hi all,

    We just turned on a new mobile theme for the MacRumors forums.

    The goal is to phase out our /wap/ site that we've used for mobile. The new theme will consolidate the forums around the same urls, rather than having separate mobile and non-mobile links for threads.

    The site should detect if you are on a mobile device or not and show the correct format. If you want to switch formats, simply click on the link at the very bottom of the page (Mobile Version or Full Site) and you can switch between them.

  2. arn
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    Staff Member

    some screenshots

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    I like it. I hope the full forum theme will follow soon.
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    Looks great! I like it!
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    Nice! I like the WP7 support too :)
  6. arn
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    Staff Member

    a tip: if you find you can't do something on the mobile site that you can on the full site, if you click on the Full Site link at the bottom, it will switch you and preserve the url that you are on.

    So you can easily switch back and forth as needed.

    The mobile theme does support a lot of the common features. Subscribed threads is probably the biggest omission at the moment.

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    Will youtube videos be enabled on the new version? This is a big improvement over the old mobile site.
  8. arn
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    Are they not? They should be.

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    Oh that's interesting, it appears to be working in some places but not others.
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    I may have used Tapatalk for the last time to access MR :)
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    You had to post that specific video?:p
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    It's great. Fast too on my aging 3GS. The previous mobile version felt so messy in comparison.
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    Old Smuggler

  14. arn
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    gimme a link where it's not working, and I can look into it.

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    They looks superb Arn and as thejadedmonkey posted above, they fit in well with WP7 handsets too (can't show a screenshot of that one).

    The only thing I've noticed so far is that ads are not showing on Internet Explorer on my Titan (they work fine on my GN, I've just scrolled up a little in the screenshot below so it is off screen - you guys deserve your ad revenue IMO).

    Any other issues I'll be sure to feed back. I can see myself using the WiForums a lot less now.

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    I'm really REALLY liking the new theme arn.
    Much simpler interface. Nice colours too!
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    Is subscribed threads support coming? I am finding the lack of extremely reducing the effectiveness of the new theme. Apart from that it's great, especially mobile forum spy.
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    thanks, arn. the mobile site looks great. it's one of the few sites i don't mind browsing the mobile version of.
  19. arn
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    I just added subscription list to the menu in the top right. You can just see a list of all your subscriptions at the moment.

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    Is it possible that some of the videos not working are ones that the owner didn't allow to be played on a mobile platform?

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    That works for me. Thanks!
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    Great job Arn.
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    Incredible! Don't think I've ever seen a mobile forum implementation done so well and slick. If webdevs had done this a year or two ago, would be no reason for Tapatalk!
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    nice - I like it, pity there's no "new posts" link - would be cool it that came back (or have I missed it?)


    Ahhh - CSS magic to maximise the embed to 300px, I was missing that on my own mobile website.
    Youtube videos can now go back into my content.
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    Absolutely loving the small screen update. Now everything fits nicely on in portrait.

    Two things though:

    'Thread starter' is missing, and
    On MR Spy, the font is too big on retina/high res screens. You have to scroll a lot more to get to the bottom. Should have an option to decrease the size or something would work nicely for everyone.

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