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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by arn, Nov 18, 2011.

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    We've installed a new search engine which hopefully will address some of the limitations with our previous solution. I forget all the issues that we had, give the new search a try.

    Detailed instructions are here:

    Feel free to post any feedback / here.

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    Contextual Search

    I just noticed today that if I highlight any part of a post, it brings up a magnifying glass. When I click the magnifying glass, it searches the forums for threads/posts related to the highlighted phrase. This seems pretty useful.

    I'm wondering if this is new, or if it was just added. I don't remember noticing it in the past, and a quick search didn't show anything related to it.


    EDIT: Just noticed arn posted a thread about this just minutes ago. Seems its related to a new forum search engine.
    More info:

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    I think it is new. I noticed it today for the first time as well. I like it. It should prevent a lot of the duplicate posts because it is easier to search for topics. It has made it very hard to actually highlight something if I'm trying to quote it though. It makes the page lag.
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    Seems to work well though I've obviously only been playing with it for a few minutes.

    Is the "Similar Threads" thing at the bottom of the page in the attachment involved in any way? I just noticed this today.

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    ya, we've enabled similar search. it might take a little longer for the db to fill out.

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    Ya, I wasn't entirely sure about it. You can turn it off in User CP -> Edit Options -> Contextual Search

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    More how the Contextual Search works. Scroll down near to the bottom of the page.
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    Not sure you want this kind of "feedback" but I read the whole Axivo Searchlight FAQ page that you provided the link to and found a spelling error (in red below):

    In other news and perhaps more on-topic, the Contextual Search is cool and will hopefully prove useful for me (and others, of course) when I'm looking for related threads/posts, however, it seems to be a bit buggy where it shows many duplicates of the same words in the search window (see attachment below). Here's an excerpt from that attachment:


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    I like it.
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    I highlight text to mark where I'm reading, so this is getting turned off.
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    rick snagwell

    i love it!
  13. arn
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    this should have been fixed.

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    i was so confused at first with the contextual search. thank you for allowing us to disable it.
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    Note that you can double-click a word to highlight it and reveal the contextual search icon, or drag to select a phrase and reveal the contextual search icon.
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    Did the advanced search get a makeover as well? When I search for all threads with zero replies since my last visit there are still a few at the tail end that have multiple replies. This is an improvement over the previous system, which would give me over 800 threads total, most of the tail end of which all had replies.
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    Does the Advanced Search for threads with zero replies still work, as I get a "Sorry - no matches" result now, or is that due to using EDGE connection speeds on an Android telephone?
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    Great update, working flawless so far!
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    Try this search, it will return threads with zero replies.
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    Thanks, TECK. That works for me.

    Here are the relevant parts to this type of search, to find the reply-less threads in whichever forum(s) you are interested in.

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    I think something's broken in the new forum search. I frequently search for threads with keywords in the titles, rather than in posts. This doesn't work now. Here's a search I just performed, searching within thread titles only:
    ScreenCap 2.PNG
    And here's the search I did immediately afterwards, only changing the "Search Titles Only" to "Search Entire Posts". As you can see, there are thread titles that met the criteria of the first search, but they were not identified by that search.
    ScreenCap 3.PNG
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    If you try to search for posts containing a user name to find replies to a user, its not hitting them all. Does it not yet everything indexed?
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    Works for me, I get results galore for battery in title.

    What do you mean search for posts containing a user name to find replies?
    If you search for keyword TECK, it will look for that into threads title and posts content. It will not check if the user TECK made any new posts.
    The easiest way to see threads started by a user or his latest 500 posts is to click on user profile and select the tab Statistics or simply click on post username and select the "Find more posts" option. For example, here are all my posts.
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    Please post a screen shot of your search results. Before you do, make sure you're using the same settings I used, which are circled in my post.
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    I can replicate the results.

    If you set the time for

    "Yesterday and Newer" and "Title Only", you get no results.


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