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New Subscribed Threads List - bold entries

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by GGJstudios, Jan 12, 2012.

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    This may be trivial to some, but would be helpful to me, and perhaps others. I frequently go to the User CP to view my New Subscribed Threads list, to see which threads have new posts that I need to read. If a thread on the list has a post I haven't read, it appears in bold text, which is quite helpful. However, if my own post appears as the last post, this also appears in bold. It would be ideal if the thread wouldn't appear in bold if the last post is mine. Possible?
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    I've seen this a few times. What browser are you using? I have a feeling it's specific to how MR has its forums setup. Maybe arn can give some info.
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    Safari 5.0.6 on one Mac (my primary) and 5.1.2 on another.
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    That's odd.. when I go to my User CP, read one of the unread subscribed threads (in bold), then come back to my User CP, it's no longer bold.
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    That's as it should be. The bold should indicate only those threads that have a new post that you haven't read yet. The problem is, if the most recent post is mine, I don't want it to be bold, since I not only read that post... I wrote it!

    I also have the problem that if I click a bold link on that list to read a thread, then go back to the list, many times the link is still bold. I have to click the same link and read the same last post 2 or 3 times for it to no longer show as bold.
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    Mine does the same. If I post a reply then head over to my CP that thread has been bolded and I'm still the last poster.

    Same thing happens in the forums too. If there's one unread thread in a forum, that I read/post in then head directly back to the forum home page that forum still shows that there's an unread thread in there.
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    Is there a way to automatically subscribe to threads that I post in?
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