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New U2 iPod Released

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jun 6, 2006.


What do you think of the "new" U2 iPod?

  1. Rock on! I love U2!

    84 vote(s)
  2. Meh... where's the 8 GB Nano or video iPod?

    168 vote(s)
  3. Totally pointless.

    157 vote(s)
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    Apple quietly released an updated version of the U2 iPod today, following the same black and red color scheme of the previous model. The new version has a 30GB storage capacity and has all the capabilities of the current standard 30GB iPod model. The back of the model has the signatures of the band members laser-etched into a black finish.

    The U2 iPod is available for $329, and comes with an iTMS coupon valid for a 30 minute video of music videos and band interviews.
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    Yawn :rolleyes:

    Where are the video iPods with WiFi?
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    Does anyone still give a damn about U2? :rolleyes:
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    I wasn't expecting this. :confused:
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    Done before and not received all that well then so why do it now?
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    Where´s the Bono all red iPod?
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    The back has a black finish! I think that's pretty sweet. What's the likelyhood of that trickling down to the regular iPod line?

    Can't say I am a fan of the red scrool wheel though.
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    Oh my days the back is black stainless steel. How amazing. Thats gonna look awesome. Shame no damn full screen ipods though. I want a touchscreen and i want it now..... But black stainless steel....... black stainless steel...... Whens it coming to the UK.
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    In other equally impressive news. I drank coffee today...
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    Do you actually have proof it didn't do well the first time? I'm assuming it did because they kept it around for a while and even updated it with a color screen. Now they release a video version which would lead me to believe that it was a pretty successful product. I have no interest in it but I assume people must have been buying them or Apple would have dropped it and never brought it back.
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    iPhone is suppose to be in the works....:D
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    ....and they couldn't have used any other band, I mean 2 U2 iPods before this and now a third one...you would think Apple would want to switch it up a little but I guess not.
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    Damn I almost broke my neck getting to this post.....

    *Reads story
    ugh nevermind...

    *walks slowly out
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    Wondered when they'd re-release it. still wouldnt buy one. If it didnt have the sigs on the back, maybe i would ;)
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    It's also brushed aluminum ... no more scratches or fingerprints
  16. Guest

    yawn, boring. I bet itunes 6.0.5 comes out soon though
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    No kidding. *YAWN* Apple being a trendy company could have found a deal with a better group than this 20 year old band. Does anyone here even like U2?
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    Yeah, now that the tour's over and the album's won its grammys - why not a "RED - Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria" ipod instead of another rehash of the fanboy model? :mad:

    Apple probably has some contractual obligation to U2 for their doing that Vertigo iPod commercial. :rolleyes:
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    Do any of you realize what this means?! The MacBook Pro's when they get Merom might get a form factor change, but most of all, I'm sure they will offer a BLACK MBP! Now that would look freak'n sweet, and way better than the Black MB.
  20. ATG
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    How come stuff like this gets on Page 1 and MR's birthday gets Page 2?
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    No, no proof, I've just never ever seen one. Ever. Anywhere. Not at Uni, not on my travels in youth hostels, nowhere.
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    I like U2.

    I imagine all the people screaming, what U2? who likes U2? why are they relevant? are all under 20.

    Yes this ipod is boring, we all are waiting on an upgrade....but that doesnt make U2 not a great band, still.
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    Keep em coming

    Keep these kind of releases coming Apple. All the way to the touchscreen ipod.

    I am holding out until such a release. Bring it on and bring it SOON.:mad:
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    Oh boy here we go.:rolleyes:
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    Sorry if i sounded a little "going ape", but i think it would just be a nice bto to have it black, or the high end model be black.

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