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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mabrown, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Ok so I finally bought an Imac, bought a used one off of ebay (DV 450 slot loading). I wanted to beef it up a little so I bought 1GB of RAM for it,, I bought 2 of the 512MB FOR SLOT LOADING IMAC G3 350-700MHZ.

    Now the problem is when I install both of them I only see 512MB of RAM when I run the profiler. I've tested each stick seperatly and they each only register as 256MB. Is there a firmware update I'm missing? I upgraded the firmware to 4.1.9 before upgrading to OS X 10.2.4 like Apple support said to.. I'm now stumped, any help/advice would be much appreciated!

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    umm... i don't think there's any cause for this, the only thing i can think of is a memory cap of 512megs, but if you tested them individually... i think you got duped. call the company and suggest that they made a mistake?

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    Depending on which version of the slot loading iMac DV you have, it may only support 512MB of RAM total. However, from looking at iMac specs, a single 512MB DIMM should work.

    Are you sure you got 512MB DIMMs and not a pair of 256MB DIMMs?
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    The iMac may only allow 256 megs per slot. Depending on what model it is, of course.
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    Yeah it's 2 512MB's, I'm going to have to call them and see what's up I guess. Thanks guys!
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    which model imac?

    My parents have a blueberry slot-loading and I remember a time when I could not get it to recognize a full 512 MB card. BUT, apple SAYS it can do it, so .... call 18004memory and get them to give you new chips.
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    I just got off the phone with 18004memory and they're being cool and going to RMA it for me. They agree that my imac (dv 450 slot loading) should see it as a full 1GB. Thanks for all your replies! :)

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