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Newbie "radio" app question

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by astronmr20, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I am new to the SDK. Haven't even started working with it yet.

    I work for a small radio station company.. about 15 stations.

    My goal is to create individual radio station "apps" for the stations in the company I work for. I assume this would be a simple app to develop... just an app button with the station's logo .. that will launch to a stream that's compatible with the iphone's "player."

    I don't have much programming experience and obviously this is my first post.

    Is this possible? I know a little bit of C and will register and download the SDK.


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    If you are new to programming, you should never assume anything. Something that may seem simple on the surface could actually be rather complicated. You never know.
    This sounds easy enough...
    ...but this: I'm pretty sure is going to be much more complicated than you imagine.
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    In that case, as another option, is there a good resource for freelance developers?
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    I believe there are. I don't know any offhand. And, unfortunately, it is against forum rules to directly solicit for developers on these forums. Perhaps others can point you in the right direction. Sorry.

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