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Newsletter Design Help!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by scriber, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Hello all!

    I'm currently trying to create a newsletter for a mailing list i've had out at gigs. I have a specific design I'd like to do, but am having trouble getting it right.

    Just wondered if anyone knows the best way I can achieve this. I've done it all perfectly on iWeb!

    See attached pictures (they're blurred because it's all a 'secret')

    All the best,

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    Not sure exactly what your asking? Is this a web/email newsletter or will this be a printed piece? Adobe InDesign is a great layout program that would make this real easy.
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    It's going to be an email newsletter, forgot to mention!

    Is there a way in Adobe InDesign to adapt it into an email?
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    No way for InDesign to work with it. You'll have to use something like Dreamweaver, and make a table-based layout. The background image you have won't work either; background images are not supported by e-mail clients...only solid colors.

    That being said, the layout looks pretty simple, so it shouldn't be hard to put together, as long as you have some basic HTML knowledge. Once it's coded, you'll have to use something like MailChimp or Constant Contact to send it out.

    Good luck...I actually have to code a newsletter for a client first thing in the morning!
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    This is not entirely true. You can use InDesign to lay it out and use Adobe GoLive (free trial version if you don't have it) which will convert it to html.

    Another work around would be to export from ID to a jpg and use that.

    Even another work around would be to export as a pdf from ID, then take it into Acrobat and you can export out of there to html, although I have heard mixed things about doing it this way.

    One last way would be to export as svg and use that. ;)
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    You're aware that Adobe GoLive hasn't been around since CS2, right??? Either way, with any of your suggestions, you're not getting a "true" e-mail newsletter. You're either getting an image, or a crappily laid out e-mail.
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    You've probably sorted it out by now, but for next time, maybe check out MailChimp's email templates or even give their drag+drop mail creator tool a shot.

    Sounds like it might be right up your street...

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