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newton question...

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by g30ffr3y, Feb 26, 2003.

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    i just wanted to know what the best newton available was and how much its worth... thanks...
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    You definitely should aim for either a 2100 or a 2000 upgraded to a 2100. Don't mess with any of the older versions.

    If you shop around you can find one for $60 or so. Don't worry about the rechargable battery or charger, likely it's dead by this time. I got an AA battery holder, and I recharge a set of AA NiMHs and swap them once a week.

    You'll need a "dongle" for the serial cable, unless you can find one which has already been set up for Ethernet. These "dongles" usually go for $15 or so. You may be able to do without the serial cable; the Newton uses flash memory and never loses anything.

    You may want a flash card for backups. Don't buy the ATA kind, it needs to be "linear". This will likely cost $10 to $30 depending on the size.

    For the software, Newton Backup Utility works in Classic. It works fine with Ethernet. There are several web sites with information on how to set it up. I haven't found a working version of Newton Connection Kit 2.0; don't use version 1, it doesn't work. www.everchanging.com is developing a Newton sync program for Mac OS X that syncs the Newton with iCal and Address Book. It works perfectly, but it doesn't bring over to do items or notes.

    Have fun!
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    thanks cubist... ebay doesnt have any 2200's but plenty of 2100's and upgraded 2000's... most of them come with some of the stuff you mentioned but jack the price up to over a hundred bucks in most cases... im thinking that ill pick one up soon as a functional collectors item...
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    Hi there. It's great to see people take interest in the Newton. It really is a great piece of hardware, although some more that others.

    There are just a few things I wanted to mention:
    - First, there is no Newton 2200. The three best models are the 2000, 2100, and eMate.
    The 2100 is identical to the 2000, except for more memory. The eMate has a slower processor than the 2000 and 2100, but does have a built-in keyboard, a serial port (thus eliminating the need for that pesky dongle), a cool translucent-green sub-notebook design.
    Cubist is very right to tell you to avoid the other models. While smaller, they don't compare (especially in the handwriting recognition department) to the 2000, 2100, and eMate.
    - Next, $60 is unreasonably low for a good Newton. Expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $400 for a good one. It all depends on your budget.
    My advice is to check the Newton sub-section (in the PDA seciton) on eBay daily, watching items you might be interested in. If you have a bigger budget, go for something with more extras (like flash cards, a carrying case, a keyboard, etc.).
    - If you plan on connecting to a machine without serial ports, you'll need to buy an adapter. Everchanging.com has a link to a site where you can buy one.

    I hope you enjoy your new Newton!
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    Newton 2200? They don't sell those on eBay because they don't exist.

    The 2100 or the 2000 will give you pretty good handwriting recognition. Before that, it wasn't too accurate. At very least, I would get a Newton 130 with the backlight.
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    pyrotoaster... thanks for the clarification... i really thought there was a newton 2200... eek!!! oh well... ive been looking at a lot of 2100s and upgraded 2000s but nothing as high as $400... i cant spend all my $$ as im waiting for the new ipod to some day bless us with its prescense... 150 seems about where i wanna be and there are some good deals out there so ill probably jump on one, one of these days... also, i noticed in your sig that you have a mac classic... ive got another thread where im asking advice on buying an older mac to have as a collectors item but still be functional... do you ever use your mac classic... can it play shufflepuck? would it work with the newton? any help would be appreciated...

    felix... i wouldnt go as far back as the 130, i do want to use it... i have a clie but to be honest i dont like it, its too delicate and doesnt work with the mac, hell it doesnt work with the worlds crappiest OS winxp either [not right at least]... thanks for the tip...
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    I agree wit pyrotoaster and cubist. Don't go with anything less than the 2x00 series, preferrably the 2100. The 130 and below are pretty sluggish.

    I got my 2100 on eBay for $105, but I've seen them go up to $280 or so. Never seen them actually sell in the $400 range unless it comes with ALL the goodies. You can usually get a bare-bones one for $100-175, if you keep your eye out for 'em.

    And if you want to talk to the Newton Man himself, talk to blakespot. :D
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    Yeah. I wouldn't go as low as the 130, but I have used them in the past and they function fairly well.
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    Nice. I can't see the ports on the Serial-to-USB adapter, but if it's the right kind, it'll save you an extra shipping charge.

    The battery should be good, but there's the included AA tray, in case the included battery dies.

    I can't get a good look at the charger from the pics, you want to be sure that it's one from Apple. A bad adapter can keep you from charging your Newton, and can possibly fry your battery.

    I'm not an expert with the flash cards, but one of them is an official Newton card (it has the lightbulb logo on it).

    This site if a little hard to read, but it's full of great Newton info. If you scroll about a quarter way down the page you can find info on tracking down replacement parts from Apple and other resellers.

    One last thing, I once saw a fully loaded MP2100 go for over $400. It's not a common selling price.
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    looks great. i had a newton 2000 and i miss it all the time. go for this one if you really want one, it seems like everything you need/want. i would look around for a keyboard and the case which allows you to set the newton at the correct typing angle.

    you might ask him how well the backlight works. i remember hearing that it dimmed over time... not sure if it was true, but worth an email to the seller.

    i can still remeber opening my newton on the couch in my family room. that was the coolest thing ever. nothing in the world is/was like anyhting like it.
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    It comes with pretty much everything you could want for it (other than some software, but you pick and choose that later). If the backlighting is still in good working order, and you are srious about buy one, then go for it.
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    I wouldnt get a newton, I had one a few years ago and sold it. They are just too big by todays standards. If you what a PDA get a Pocket PC one, they are best. Dell does the best ones at the moment, they are basically pocket sized PCs, they are also compatible with Macs. If you dont want to go Microsoft, then get a Palm device, Sony ones are the best.

    I have a friend that has a Pocket PC PDA and uses it to surf the web and watch DVD streamed over his wireless network, you cant do things like that with a newton.
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    i actually have a clie nx70v which i consider the BMW of pda's... i wouldnt own a pocket pc [supporting M$ and all] but i wanted the newton as a function collectors type item...
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    I wanted to mention one other thing, you can get Graffiti for Newton which recognizes extremely well - in fact, it's better than Graffiti on the Palm.

    As for the Newton being too big - I think the Palms are too small.:D
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    Nothing recognizes better than Newton 2.x devices' "Rosetta" handwriting recognizer. While early Newtons had rather bad recognition, there is nothing out there today that beats the Newton's most recent print recognizer (the last version of which was released in '97), except Apple's "Ink" for OS X, which is based on the Newton's recognizer.

    Very, very impressive. And this word-based recognizer is a far cry from Graffiti's slow, character-based recognition.

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    How many?

    10 or 20... dozen? ;)
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    Speck out the eMate300, like the 2200 with a built in keyboard.
    Jobs like it so much that he used one as his laptop and PDA for a while. The rumor was that he wanted to create a bMate. (b= business).

    I love mine.

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