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>> Next Gen Video iPod <<

Discussion in 'iPod' started by eclipse525, May 28, 2006.

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    Although I think it's bogus, this video shows a glimpse of what the next gen video iPod could possibly look like. Check it out >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1H_d_7CVPc

    Anybody wanna take a stab as to when the next gen video iPod might debut?

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    That's really a great video! Is that supposedly real or is known to be a fake? I think the current feeling is that the vPod will come out by September-ish...correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't kept up on the story in while. :)
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    thats been posted before. Fake, but it looks good.
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    i think that most people in the know, feel that although it's a great idea on the surface, when you really think about it it's not practical. Fingerprints being the main issue.

    Fingerprints are an issue but I agree its one of MANY for a device of that nature. I personally can see a device like that but with touch controls running along the edges of the device or even partially on the back. Once you get use to it, then you'll know where everything is and wouldn't need to look at the back to control menu functions.
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    Fingerprints can be easily wiped off I would think scratching is a worse problem. A touch screen of that size would aquire a level of usefullness far greater than just being a music paper.

    think typing
    email (if it has internet)

    Seems like the con of fingerprints is very small compared to the benefits.
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    And also scratching. Since you couldn't put a hard case over it it as you wouldnt be able to use the screen then. So it would be much harder to protect.They'd have to use a different back too, I'd say, because without a cover that would end up looking pretty bad too. They'd have to be marketed with something like an invisible shield on them maybe.
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    in other words, it'll be a PDA...
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    Same here. I think that Apple might keep it's current iPod line and then offer the "vPod" or maybe the "vMac". Who knows on the name, but anyhow...it could be like an advanced iPod, but with a miniature OS. Ugh, I've been dying to see an Apple PDA since last spring. :)
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    Please... not another "Newton"!!!

    Most likely, you'll see those PDA functions in an Apple Phone.

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    Maybe something like this mockup?
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    very nice

    Most likely fake... But now I want an iTalk... :rolleyes:
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    Sorry 4got 2 say, with all this music technology coming into phones now, like Sony ericssons w810i walkman phone, and the SLVR with built in iTunes... There's a good chance that apple could start manufacturing phones...:cool:
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    i love that small few second clip :D :D i wonder how long it took to make them few seconds of film:rolleyes:
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    It'll ship with an official apple thimble to stick over the end of your finger ;)
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    Mmm, cancerPod.
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    Not the Mac Nano?

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