'Next Generation of Apple Hardware'

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    Apple Australia is promoting Mac OS X between August 26, 2002 and September 9, 2002 at Apple Seminars in Australia. Of interest is the paragraph on "Why Attend?":

    Discover one of the world's most innovative and powerful operating system - Mac OS X v10.2. At this free, two-hour seminar, you'll learn how to work with the ultimate computing platform. See the next generation of Apple hardware in action.

    Marketing misrepresentation? Or not...
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    Dont get too excited

    I got this in email and snail mail

    It also refers to the x serve. That is the next gen of hardware as far as aussie mac expo goes!!
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    I'd say this is definately talking about the new PowerMacs that will be coming out... BUT

    I DO like the phrase "next generation" versus "faster" or "upgraded" or "new"

    This "next generation" hints at more than just a speed bump.. perhaps the 7500 with HT or RapidIO? Dare I say G5?????

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    Next generation hardware != Next generation CPU

    This is probably just a reference to the nex 'generation' of PowerMac hardware thats coming in on the 13th.

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    Where are the invitations?

    5 August has come and gone.

    If there is supposed to be an unveiling of new PowerMacs between now and the 24th, wouldn't we have seen the press invitations by now?
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    Re: Where are the invitations?

    Apple doesn't necessarily have a press event with every introduction. Simply a pressrelease in many cases.

    The iPod had a 1 week invitation time preceeding it.

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    and the imac was an entirely new product for apple...

    A powermac is expected and everyone knows it's coming..

    I remember the iMac g3 had a big hooplah about it, .. it too was a brand new production for apple..
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    OMG!!! I saw this the other day and thought to myself "i wonder who will pick up on this first -- MOSR or SpyMac???"...

    I cannot believe that this is being taken at all seriously. If you have had any dealings with Apple Australia whatsoever you would already be aware that they are all a bunch of incompetent dolts. But for those of you who have had no dealings with them yet... APPLE AUSTRALIA ARE THE MOST STUPID, ANNOYING, INCOMPETENT, IGNORANT GROUP OF PPL YOU COULD POSSIBLY FIND.

    Considering the fact that only 2 ppl on the senior management team at Apple Australia actually use Macs (yes, the rest use wintel, none use *nix), I seriously doubt anyone at Apple Australia would have a clue about what hardware apple sells currently, let alone what's coming up. Even if Cupertino did let Sydney in on what's upcoming, not even the dolts in Apple Australia management would let a lowly webmaster know what's coming out...

    I will be attending the Melbourne event... Anyone else going? Let me know.
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    welldone apple.au , its about time they did somethign apple, since they skimp on everything, I would love to go see it, Apple.au have to be the worst country on apple, they get nothing compared to australias iize , but I guess on population its fair enough, Only 19.5million people
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    Oh yes, and i forgot to mention:

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    hey j763 – i'll be there... we could, like, you know...

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    whoa!!! take it somewhere else!!!!
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    OT: Ah yes, MacRumors.com: mac news, rumors and get a little action™

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    sounds interesting

    I guess we'll find out at the end of this month if we're getting a "next generation" machine huh? It sounds interesting...
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    Re: hmmm...

    Dare! Dare! :D :p :cool:
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    I couldn't agree more!! I am surprised how many macrumor dwellers live in australia. Its amazing that apple is still in existence down here. If you want a lesson in how to destroy a company in 3 seconds flat, arrange a meeting with apple australia and they will let you in on all the key concepts.

    If it weren't for the product and the fanatically loyal apple users, you would have to ship your mac into australia on your own. Apple would be looong gone down under.

    The typo in the quote in question is another example of their complete incompetence.

    Wintel boxes at apple australia !!! If true, what a disgrace- but it explains a lot........
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    Yep I already registered for this too - am going to the Sydney event.

    Also got this as im a registered dev.



    Tuesday 27 August: Sydney, NSW
    Wednesday 28 August: Melbourne, VICTORIA


    Dear Developer,

    The Apple Developer Connection is pleased to invite developers who
    are new to Mac OS X to attend a free Mac OS X Tech Talk in either
    Sydney or Melbourne near the end of this month.

    Tech Talks are designed for developers who wish to learn more
    about Mac OS X's standards-based development architecture. Several
    topics will be covered, including:

    * Mac OS X Technology Overview - Investigate the structure of
    Mac OS X and the range of development options it offers. You'll
    learn about Darwin (the UNIX-based, open source core of
    platform), plus Mac OS X's powerful graphics technologies,
    development frameworks, and eye-catching "Aqua" user interface.

    * Porting to Mac OS X - Find out how quickly you can port Java and
    UNIX-based applications to Mac OS X. You'll also learn ways to
    extend Java and Unix applications by accessing native services.

    * Java Support in Mac OS X - Explore Mac OS X's robust
    implementation of Sun's Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE).
    You'll learn how to use the JFC/Swing API to give your
    application the "Aqua" look-and-feel, plus details on the Java
    HotSpot virtual machine, familiar development tools, and much

    * Cocoa Development Overview - Discover how to create full-featured
    applications that use a lot less code with Cocoa, Mac OS X's
    object-oriented framework for rapid application development.


    Tuesday 27 August 2002
    Time: 12:00 to 17:00 (includes refreshments)
    Mac OS X Tech Talk - Sydney, NSW
    The Powerhouse Museum
    Coles Theatre
    500 Harris Street, Ultimo

    Wednesday 28 August 2002
    Time: 12:00 to 17:00 (includes refreshments)
    Mac OS X Tech Talk - Melbourne, VICTORIA
    Victorian College of the Arts
    Federation Hall
    234 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

    Mac OS X offers developers and their users the best of both worlds.
    Don't miss this opportunity to discover for yourself how compelling
    the simplicity of Macintosh combined with the power of UNIX can be.

    Seating is limited so please reserve your place soon using the form
    located at <http://techtalk.apple.com/?Event=Australia20020827>.

    If you'd like to learn more about Mac OS X before attending a
    briefing, visit the following URLs:


    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at
    mailto:techtalk@apple.com. We look forward to meeting you this

    Best regards,

    Apple Developer Connection
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    Yes, I agree with the views on apple.au, I am hoping to go too, this is the response i got ....

    Thank you for your interest in attending the Mac OS X Tech Talk.
    Your information has been received and your request for registration
    is being considered. If space is available you will receive a
    confirmation email with time and location information regarding
    your requested date of:

    Requested Date: August 27 - Sydney, NSW.

    This is NOT a confirmation of attendance. Please do not make travel
    plans until you receive confirmation from Apple.

    Please email techtalk@apple.com if you have any questions or comments.

    The Tech Talk team
    Mac OS X Evangelism
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    5 AUG was ambitious

    altho not impossible, just... next week seems to make more sense. hope its not too much farther on than that.

    #2 powerdyke? who's #1?
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    Anyone going to go to the Melbourne one? I'll be there.
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    LOL, but I think you need to have a closer look at macette's sig :D
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    And next up to bat is Macette. She used to bat for the other team but now it appears that she may have become a 'switch' hitter :D

    Good to see you back around here.
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    $0.02, and a map

    After checking out the page, it seems to be regular media hype to me. '...latest in ... hardware and software solutions' could mean AppleWorks on an eMac. But who knows for sure...

    G4scott: How's this?

    "We do not inherit the land from our ancestors"
    "We borrow it from our children"
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    J763, what the HELL are you talkin about? I work at an AppleCentre in Perth and just got back from Sydney where they had a major chunk of Apple guys there to train 120 of us AppleCentre guys on the Xserve. This was a 2 day event paid for by Apple, including flights, 5 star accom, etc. Apple wouldnt waste that kinda money if it didnt think it worthwhile. The Apple guys DO NOT all use wintel, thats crap, and alot of them DO know how to run UNIX. In the hands on sessions, we had to get into the console on an iBook hooked into 12 Xserves in a rack via gigabit switch or airport and configure them all, plus numerous other exercises. Several times I had to get their help, and they all seemed pretty clued in on it. Im sorry, but get your facts straight before you put this kind of crap on the net. I specially went to the trouble of registering specifically to point out the crap youve spread. You may have a problem with Apple for some reason, but dont just prattle off misinformation!

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