next ipod updates?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by john_satc, Mar 25, 2005.

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    i know this must get asked all the time, but when will we see the next ipods? i am hoping for a drop in price of ipod photos or a new 20G ipod. when should i expect these as i dont want to buy one and have updates released next months. thanks!
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    No one knows for sure, but as the iPod range was updated only about a month ago, I wouldn't expect much change for some time. Towards the end of 2005 Toshiba will have new 80GB/40GB drives available, and it would not be surprising to see iPods using those replace the 60GB/30GB iPod photo. Then maybe they'll add a color screen to the 20GB, but keep it same price. Just a guess :) . If you know what you want now, buy now!
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    i can see an ipod shuffle update by the end of the year with 512 price dropped as well as the 1gb shuffle, so around $180-200(AU) as opposed to $229(AU) for 1gb shuffle.

    and mayby a 2gb stick probably pricing in at around $290-310(AU) - i would so buy a 2GB ipod shuffle
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    hey , ye, i am not one of these people that waits and waits and waits, just want to make sure i get a good deal. i have an ipod mini and the moment so i do have an ipod for now, but need to update as no where near enough space.
    thanks for your help though, might wait till the end of the year or possibly get an ipod photo now - choices choices :S
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    Since they were just updated (kinda, no technical differences except a new 30gig) I feel it's a good time to buy. I'd only hold out hoping for either wireless (802.11 or bluetooth), or a more powerful chip inside.

    I bought a 60gig photo when they just updated, figuring I'll just sell it for a small loss when a wireless pod comes out. :cool:
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    you might also consider the 4g 40 gig ipod. its been EOL'd but there are still some around. i picked one up at amazon for $331.00 and that includes a dock and wall charger so it's a really good deal.

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