Tablets Nexus 7 the final push for Apple to make 7" iPad?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by tigress666, Jun 27, 2012.

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    I dunno, I already thought the Fire was a good argument towards convincing Apple to make a 7" tablet. Now we have the Nexus 7 which I hear a lot of good things and how Amazon should fear (and even Apple, though most people agree on the Amazon, but not everyone agrees about Apple).

    This article ( gives an argument why while the Nexus may not impinge too much on iPad sales and it is more aimed at the Fire that it will make Apple have to put out a 7" tablet in response.

    Which if you ask me is a good thing. Though I suppose it's too late for me. My mom passed me down her iPad 2 so because I'm on a tight budget I'll just be happy with that. But if she hadn't given me that, I wouldn't have bought an iPad as it is now. For what I wanted it was too big anyways and I'd rather just use my iPhone. But a 7" iPad would have been really tempting, especially if they got the price points that Google and Amazon have with theirs. And let me say every reason I decided the iPad as is now was too big for what I wanted? I still think is true. It's just that since I got it for free I'm willing to compromise ;) (I do love my iPad and while it is by no way a replacement for my computer, I am using my iPhone a lot less now unless I'm actually out and about. I used my iPhone at home mostly for ebook reading and gaming, and my iPad has replaced that. A smaller iPad would be nicer cause it would be a lot easier on my wrists for both and I could probably read a book easily with one hand if it were smaller, something my iphone still has advantage over the iPad).
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    It wont effect ipad sales because Android apps are terrible for tablets. Android is not a good ecosystem for tablets right now. Google needs to reel in these developers and get some good uniform apps.
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    Apple has been working on the iPad mini for some time now.

    News here
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    I'm not against a 7" iPad, but I won't be buying one if it is brought into existence.
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    The 7" form factor is awesome. I have a 8.9 and 7" Galaxy Tabs and preordered a Nexus 7. For basic stuff I prefer a lighter, smaller form factor. Google has made progress on the app front, but lags Apple considerably. But for simple browsing, email, and media consumption, the Nexus hits a sweet spot. And Jelly Bean sounds yummy...
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    do you really use all these tablets? when I think of owning a ton of different tablets like that I compare it to someone who owns like 10 different mini bikes or mopeds. Their fun to play around on but if you really want to go somewhere your going to have to take the real car.

    and I dont even mean the ipad is the "car" in this analogy as an ipad is fun to play around on too but i dont see needing more then 1.
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    I don't think Apple will make a 7 inch iPad any time soon. There's several people in this market space already. Apple prefers to make it's own space and have people copy them.
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    I do. I like gadgets, and in this case I would get so little selling them on eBay I decided to keep them. Not to get into too many personal details, but I use them mostly to check email and browse the web, and I have them in different spots so I have one handy all the time without needing to carry one. Truth be told I do most of my "heavy lifting" (Quickoffice, Goodreader, PDF Expert, Notability, Dropbox, etc.) on my iPad. If I could only have one, I'd keep the iPad.

    Problem is iPad gets heavy after a while using it in bed and holding it over me, and for 80% of what I do the Android tablets are lighter and do the job well. It's great to have a choice when I go to bed to read some news or send some emails, I'll choose the lighter/smaller form factor so I choose the Tabs.

    If I really need to get somewhere, I break out my MacBook Air... :cool:
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    I believe the 7.85" iPad mini makes sense and "will" happen either this fall or alongside the 2013 iPad launch in March.

    Smaller and more inexpensive tablets are a must.
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    That says all iPad mini RUMORS in one place. You don't know whether they really are working on an iPad mini or not.
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    if apple made it, i wouldn't buy it. i like the ipad as it is. i understand there is demand for
    a smaller one, but i've got enough apple toys, and so i see no point in it (for my situation).

    i would definitely like to buy the nexus, because it would be a great, affordable android experience, but it won't do work for me (long, texhnical story), so i can't get it.

    it's probably for the best. i have no need for it. the only reason i would get it would be for developing android apps (actually, it would be used for testing them).
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    I did buy the touchpad off craigslist during that hysteria so I can see the gadget fever eating you up as it has me. I gave it away shortly after tho...thing was useless haha
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    Same here !!!

    I own two iPad's, and 2 Android tablets, sold my HP Touchpad. I'm a tech junkie and since I have a small business if I don't buy things and show enough expenses the Gov't takes it. So it's a tax incentive for me to buy, buy, buy. :D
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    i'll be the first to queue if apple release 7.85" iPad.
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    While the Nexus7 does look like a good deal - in fact, for the price of $200 I will probably get one myself - the verdict is still out whether it will enjoy any degree of success in the market. If it does, then it'll provide Apple one more reason to consider releasing a 7.xx" iPad. If it doesn't, it'll give Apple one less reason to releasing a 7.xx" iPad.

    In any case, I believe Apple is more concerned with making more great products rather than filling the size spectrum. I have used tablets that vary from 5"-13" in size and the ~10" mark struck me as best for most uses.
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    I ordered one today, figure something to play with.
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    I got one too today. Not an android guy, we are an Apple house - however, we had just got our 4 year old a Leappad, which with 4 games, and the pad is around $225, so for $200 and similar learning games on Android for around $20 we get him a better screen, and a more cost effective tablet for learning esp with the $25 Google Play credit.
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    Can Apple take a command in the 7" tablet arena when Google and Amazon are already cutting their price at a crazy stance?

    Apple doesn't like to undersell and they normally keep around a 30% profit.
    so, would it make sense for Apple to enter when they'd either be a higher priced tablet or selling for "too cheap"?
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    just because apple is/has worked on a 7" doesn't mean they'll release one!

    Personally, i couldn't care... i have no interest in one since i already have the ipad and i've never once thought 'hmm, i could really do with this being 3" smaller!'

    But if someone wants one, then thats there choice and choice is good ;)
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    No need whatsoever for a 7" iPad. Once the next iPad is released the current iPad will be reduced in price and the iPad 2 will become even cheaper. You can currently pickup a refurb iPad 2 in the uk for only 60 quid more than the 16GB Nexus 7.

    If Apple push the iPad 2 down to £199 next year they have no need for a 7" device as the iPad 2 at those prices would make the 7" android tablets look well overpriced.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with you comment about choice. I personally want an iPad; however wouldnt buy it for my 4 year old and hence he gets a Nexus. Choice benefits us as consumers; each to their own of what they buy ;)
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    This is the main reason i'm thinking of actually buying my first tablet. As of today i'm a month away from getting married. I have a laptop, my fiance has a desktop. I really only use my laptop at this point for working from home (which i would be able to switch easily to the desktop) and browsing the web, and checking emails.

    This sounds like a perfect opportunity for me to sell my laptop, buy a Nexus 7, and then use the leftover money from the laptop towards a new desktop once windows 8 hits. This way i could have my fun toy and she can have her desktop which she will never use my tablet hahaha, she doesn't even like using my laptop.

    Also being that it has Android Beam, i may even be moving away from my iPhone as well and get the successor to the SGS3 next year when i get my upgrade in June 2013 that way it all works together well!
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    Agreed on no need for a 7" and the current 9" size..especially if the "next" iPhone may get a screen size bump
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    I can see an iPad Mini come to light, but it likely wouldn't be at the $199 price point. I'm not knocking companies, but Apple isn't going to go after the KF or the "Nexus" branded Asus tablet at "their" price points. The perceived, and likely, hardware differences between, say Asus and Apple, would pretty much guarantee for a higher priced, probably, $299 iPad Mini. (I'm going off of the quality I can recall from Asus Netbooks, haven't seen their recent items). Can't go much higher than that, because they'd be entering iPad 2 territory, can't go much lower, then they would be lowering their profit margin and saying "Hey, we're Apple and this is priced just like everyone else", because, we all know Apple doesn't do that. Though being a gadget junkie, like a good portion of us on here, for $199, this seems like a pretty sweet item.
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    That's the genius of the Nexus 7. It has probably killed any chance of Apple releasing a smaller, cheaper iPad. A $299 iPad mini would be a flop.

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