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nice gamepad for PowerPC Leopard?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by PowerPCMacMan, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have seem to be having the following problem in playing my 1980s retro games, games which I hold dear to me..

    The following are emulators I use on my PM G5 and PB G4 1.67 DLSD:

    Nestopia for my NES games
    SNES for my SNES games
    o2em for my Odyssey2 games
    Intellivision and Coleco Vision

    Problem: Most gamepads I see only work under Intel Mac based Mac OS X's, and not Leopard. I have tried downloading Gamepad Companion only to see that it works only on INTEL Macs, and not PowerPC macs, or for whatever reason the developer is not providing older versions.

    I tried a gamepad from Gamestop called the Steerseries 1GC and it did not work at all under Mac, regardless of what the requirements said which listed: Mac OS 9/Mac OS X. Tried and xbox 360 controller - still no good, even downloaded the xbox 360 HID driver.

    Lastly, tried the Logitech F310 though it said for PC only, one rep who handles the Apple department in Best Buy(Worst Buy) told me she had no problem playing retro games with it on her INTEL MAC.. I can only assume she used Windows.

    So, there you have it.. Which gamepad can someone recommend for me so that I can continue to play the games I grew up with? It shouldn't be rocket science in finding the right gamepad to work under Leopard PPC.


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    Zeke D

    Somehow I missed this one on my daily ramblings. I use a Logitech rumble pad. A lot of Logitech products are cross compatable. I will double check tomorrow to se what controller I am using.
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    I used an Xbox 360 controller without issue. Are you sure the driver was the correct one and installed without issue? Also was it a legit 360 controller or a generic one?
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    Here's my advice:
    Q1. What is your favorite controller of all time,
    Q2. Do you still have it, and
    Q3. Does Mayflash make an adaptor for it?

    My favorite controller was the N64 controller; as I have been getting used to it, I have been enjoying the Wii Classic Controller. Anyway, I just plug in the controller into the Mayflash adaptor, and then plug the Mayflash adaptor into the USB port, and that's it. The computer sees it as a USB game pad, and I can set it up in the preferences section to use the buttons as I wish.

    My advice would be to go to Amazon and read the reviews. I like this option, because most console controllers are built to last, while many of the computer gamepads and third party knock-offs don't seem to last as long. Plus, if have the appropriate controller, when using a good emulator, it is just like the real thing (I'm esp. thinking of Zelda-Ocarina of Time).

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    If you can find one, the MacAlly iShock will work fine. It's essentially a USB PS2 controller without rumble. Honestly, though, most USB gamepads should work.

    Alternatively, you can download USB Overdrive and use that with literally ANY USB input device that complies with the USB standard. It's shareware, but the price is probably comparable to getting a new pad that works.
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    Zeke D

    Just verified ps3 controllers work connected via USB.
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    Thanks to all...

    Ok, went ahead and ordered the Macally iShock gamepad.. In fact, I already have it and it works wonders. Thanks to all who replied and assisted, though given I have done research on this prior I figured it out on my own..

    Thanks again!

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