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Nice GoodReader update - annotations!

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by samcraig, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Very nice implementation of annotations in GoodReader....
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    Goodreader is officially my favorite iPad app now.
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    Goodreader is near perfect now.

    All it needs is tabbed viewing and it would be. I often need to have multiple documents open and would prefer a little faster method of switching.
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    Can Goodreader organize it's pdf's into folders or shelves or the such?

    And can it search within PDFs?
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    Yes on both questions.

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    One of the best 99 cents I have spent on an app. For what it does - this app is invaluable and easily worth much more
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    I love you Goodreader.
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    I can't believe this thing is just 99 cents. What a fantastic bargain!
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    I kinda wish you could type in blanks on PDFs though, the freehand works so-so for filling in the blanks on my daughters school outlines.

    But otherwise, it looks great!!!
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    Very true, I've been using this this app for some time and it's always been great. They continually improve it as well.
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    agreed this would be great, so far noterize is the only app I know that does this the way I want it
    (typed text on the page, not freehand, and not a popup txt box) but the text renders slightly fuzzy.

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