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No! Bendgate is real!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by VinegarTasters, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. VinegarTasters, Nov 24, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2012

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    iPhone 5 is prone to bending. It was a buy, now a no-buy :(

    Instead of using Aluminum 6061-T6 (tempered), Apples uses regular Aluminum 6061, which is so soft any stress will bend it. So you can't sit on it, and it
    will bend by itself if, internally, there is enough stress from screws and glue.
    It will bend at the weakest point, usually the volume buttons because that is
    where the big holes are on the outer metal that is holding the integrity of the iPhone 5.

    I am hoping they can change to 6061-T6 aluminum. "HOPING" because using it may interfere with the precision of the cuts, which may make it impossible. It may add weight to the device though.

    Also, SCUFFGATE is real. Instead of using type III anodizing (hard anodizing), Apple uses instead type II anodizing. Which is why all over the internet your iPhone 5 has these dents and specks.

    It is a no sale until Apple uses 6061-T6 Aluminum or 7075 Aluminum, and uses type III anodizing for the outer coat of the aluminum. Or go back to using
    stainless steel. I am surprised they didn't catch these problems during prototyping and designing stages.

    I think they will only fix it if enough people want them to use the new type of aluminum or anodizing process. I don't think this is a minor problem.

    I've added some links and youtube videos that I found. Hope they are useful.


    From this site:

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    wow, quite a knowledgeable post... but sorry for saying this, how I do know you are telling the truth ? how can you tell which aluminium and type of anodizing ?
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    Where did you come up with all this metal analysis and anodizing information?:)
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    do you not realize that these issues will be addressed in the next version, and it's called iPhone 5S, S for scuff-free.
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    Type III clear wouldn't work for the white iphone.
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    What I think we are seeing here is a move towards making these products more "disposable" to better reflect the increasingly faster upgrade habits of customers. The obvious benefit of-course being improvements in weight and size.

    I am not saying that this is the right approach, or that it won't adversely affect the brand in the long-run, but that it's more of a reflection of buying habits of customers upgrading their products within 18-24 months from purchase.

    Why produce a product with the same build materials as a stainless steel watch, when the said products' expected life cycle is far shorter than a watch due to the rapid technological obsoleteness of something like a smartphone.

    Again, I certainly agree with what you are saying, just that I suspect that is a conscious decision on behalf of Cook and co to accept the trade off's based on realistic product life-cycle expectations.
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    OP whats your source on this?

    Any proof to backup your claims?
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    The whole time I was reading this I had a smile on my face ... Some of us are too much lol . But hey, good information ! Love my black iPhone with no scuff marks and enjoying the aluminum on my phone !:D
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    Soon the bending will become an advertised feature. Finally, an iPhone so paper-thin that you can fold it, or roll it up!
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    And bigfoot is real too. :rolleyes:
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    I'm waiting for Steve Jobs to release another stupid statement 'You're holding it wrong.'
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    You're going to be waiting a while.
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    buy apple, they said
    costs more but is durable, they said
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    Remember when the iPod Nano came with EasyScratch™ coating?
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    Where did you hear all of this nonsense? Everything is xxxgate. What about stupidGate for posts like this?
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    ET iPhone Home

    LOL! I love it.


    Very interesting and I actually believe you :D.
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    if you sit on your phone, then its likely to break/bend, thats the case with most phones

    FFS, do you want the next one made from adamantium?
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    All you people complaining about scratches and stuff on a PHONE, get one of these...

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    If it bends, just bend it back? Surely the laws of physics also works with the iPhone?
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    The same as iPod Touch.
    Seeing one with more than 3 days of life is pure eyerape.
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    ANYTHING will bend if enough pressure is applied. Don't buy one, apple won't even notice.

    I LoL'd for sure on this one!
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    Anyone try a bend test yet? Maybe take a phone that has already been damaged otherwise and see what weight it will take to bend. I'm sure Apple has done this..........

    Why not actually get the facts before any formal complaining?
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    NO!!! people are complaining that some iphones come out scuff out of the box. they are not complaining that the phone will eventually scuff with normal use. get your fact straight jack.

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